Execute Deed to

remove reverted

clause from school


A Resolution to Execute Deeds with Ligonier Valley School district to Remove Reverted Clauses from Previous Deeds

And now, the Borough of Bolivar Council members, after due consideration and discussion, sets forth the following Resolution:

Whereas, the Ligonier Valley School district formerly conveyed property to the Borough of Bolivar by two deeds dated December 7, 1978,

Whereas, both parties to the 1978 deeds desire to remove the reverter clause from said 1978 deeds,

Whereas, Ligonier Valley School district executed two deeds on march 17, 1994, the purpose of which is to remove the reverter clauses from the 1978 deeds between the parties,

Whereas, it is in the best interests of its citizens by passing the following Resolution

1. The Borough of Bolivar shall execute the two deeds dated March 17, 1994 to remove the reverter clauses from the deeds of December 7, 1978 between the same parties recorded at Deed Book 2312, page 691, and Deed Book 2312, page 687, respectively.

Therefore, Bolivar Borough, during a duly advertised meeting wherein a quorum was present, did affirm this Resolution by majority vote of the council members.

This Resolution enacted on the 4th day of April 1994, wherein said Resolution was adopted by majority vote of the Council members during a proper meeting of the Council members.

Bolivar of Borough

J. Diane Robinson

President of Council


Janice A Shank


Original on file in Vault ‚Äč