Ordinance # 094-1




Ordinance enacted Contract with the Borough of Bolivar

Section 9000

A. Purpose: The purpose of this Ordinance is to acknowledge various statutory Ordinance enacted Agreements and / or Contracts.

Section 9001 Inter - Municipal Agreements

A. Legislative Authority: Inter-Municipal Agreements are passes pursuant to the powers granted to the Borough of Bolivar by Title 53 Section 481 - et seq., as amended, for the purposes and for the reasons for each Ordinance so designated hereinafter.

1. Inter- Municipal Agreement between the Borough of Bolivar and West Wheatfield Township and Fairfield Township taking effect October 14, 1993, by Ordinance duly advertised and approved February 1, 1994, providing for the sharing of Workers' Compensation premiums for Tri-Community Ambulance Service between the aforementioned Municipalities. See Attached Agreement:

Ordained and Enacted by the Council of the Borough of Bolivar during a duly advertised and convened meeting wherein a quorum was present and this Ordinance was voted upon and enacted on the 7th day of February 1994.

J. Diane Robinson

Council President


Janice A. Shark

Borough Secretary

Examined and approved this 7th day of February 1994.

Arthur W. Sisitki


Original Ordinance in Vault drawer