Regulating Limits of

Public Comment at

Open Meetings

A Resolution Regulating the Limits of Public Comment at Open Meetings of the Borough

Whereas, Council is aware that public comment at open meetings of Council is vital to the democratic process, and,

Whereas, Council is further aware that certain issues draw emotional responses from citizens which result in unusually long comment periods and consequently interfere with the continuation of business which must be transacted at the meeting and,

Whereas, the Borough of Bolivar is authorized to regulate such public comment pursuant to 65 PA CS Section 710

Be it Resolved, by the Council of the Borough of Bolivar, County of Westmoreland and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and it is hereby resolved:

1. An agenda shall be prepared for each monthly meeting and any special meeting called by the council. The agenda shall list all business scheduled to be heard and deliberated by Council at the said meeting. Copies of the agenda shall be made available to all members of the public attending the meeting.

2. Public comment shall be the first listed item of business on the agenda. In the event that any item of business is brought to Council for deliberation and the item is not listed on the agenda, the Council President shall allow public comment on those items.

3. Any member of the public wishing to address Council on any matters appearing on the agenda shall sign a "sign in" sheet prior to the meeting, listing his or her name, and company if appearing in a representative capacity. the individual wishing to address Council shall provide a mailing address along with the name.

4. Public comment by each individual listed shall be limited to no more than five (5) minutes. All comments shall be addressed to the Council and shall be addressed to any member of the public.

5. In his or her discretion, the Council President or Vice President may waive the limitations imposed by this Resolution when considering the number of citizens who wish to speak or the nature and amount of business to be conducted at any given meeting. In no event shall the Council President further limit public comment beyond the standards set forth in this Resolution.

6. All Resolutions to the contrary of the provisions herein, previously adopted, are hereby superseded.

In witness of the proper adoption of this Resolution, the duly appointed officers of the governing body have set their hands and seals.

Clark Baird

President of Council


Kelly Lupacchini


Original on file in Vault ‚Äč