Ordinance # 2005-4

Amending Ordinance

# 1995-1

An Ordinance of the Borough of Bolivar, County of Westmoreland and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, amending Ordinance No 1 of 1995 providing for the Establishment of a Stop Sign at Second and Schaffer Streets.

Whereas, the Borough of Bolivar has determined that the lack of a stop sign at Second and Schaffer Streets is enabling motorists to proceed through the intersection at excessive rates of speed, and,

Whereas, this area is populated and frequented by children playing, walking, and congregating in and about the area, and,

Whereas, a dangerous risk of injury or harm exists because of this circumstances:

Now Therefore, the following is ordained and enacted.

1. Article III Section 1330 Stop Intersections Established of Ordinance # 1 of 1995. Vehicle speed, Weight, Parking and Operation Ordinance is amended to include:

Stop Street Through Street Direction of Travel of Stop

Second Street Shaffer Street Westbound

2. All other provisions of Ordinance # 1 of 1995, Vehicle Speed, Weight, Parking and Operation Ordinance shall remain in full force and effect except as altered or amended by subsequent Ordinance.

3. The effect date of this Ordinance shall be January 1, 2006

Ordained and Enacted this 3rd day of November 2005

Borough of Bolivar

by Clark Baird,

Council President


Jenny Miller

Borough Secretary

Examined and approved this 3rd day of November 2005

Mayor Everett Saxton

Original Ordinance on file in vault