Transferring of funds

to Construct

Bolivar Sewage


Resolution - of 1976 Sewage Authority

Whereas, under the provisions of the Municipality Authorities Act of 1945, as amended, it is provided that "Any Municipality ,,, May ,,, transfer or pay over to any Authority, any funds available for building, construction or improvements purposed,,,, and,

Whereas, Bolivar Borough has in anticipation of a construction and improvement project relating to its sewer system created a reserve for such purpose which reserve totaled the sum of $17,221.30 and,

Whereas, Bolivar Borough Council has created the Bolivar Borough Sewage Authority for the purpose of Constructing and or improving the sewage system in the Borough, and

Whereas, Bolivar Borough, through its Council, directed on or about June 7, 1974, that said sum be transferred to the authority for use in the construction and / or improvement of the Bolivar Sewage System, and

Whereas, Council desires that this action be formally placed of record;

Now therefore, be it resolved that the Borough of Bolivar does by this Resolution approve and confirm the transfer of $17,221.30 to the Bolivar Borough Sewage authority for use in the building construction or improvement of the Borough Sewage system all in accordance with Section 9 of the Municipality Authorities act, as amended.

Enacted this 12th day of July 1976

J. Conrad Gamble

President of Council


Joan Lichtenfels



I Joan Licntenfels, Secretary of Bolivar Borough Council, hereby certify the above to be a true and correct copy of the original Resolution made a part of the Minutes of Bolivar Borough Council July 12, 1976

Joan Lichtenfels

Secretary of Council ‚Äč