# 3

July 9, 2018

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Present: Melissa Miller, Pat Betts, Ron Betts, Ben West, Beth Thompson, Aaron Bouch
Absent- Pam and Joe St Clair
Public Attendance - none
Pat and Beth were discussing the signs for Corn Hole and Brick fest. Pat informed Beth that people were already asking about the Corn Hole event as the signs were being put up. Beth said people were already signing up at the Legion for the event.

Dunking Booth - Bob Pardee could not attend. Pat had suggested Police Dept to be in. Pat said that Abigail Betts wanted to be in booth. Beth said she would do it also. Pat asked Teresa Baird Caldwell to be in booth, she and Beth are in competition with each other. Tommie also agreed to be in booth.
Discussion was asked about water for booth. Hoses will be brought in to fill and additional water will be sitting to refill as needed.

Tug of War - Asked Melissa concerning this, she said no answer yet.

Brick Toss - Gary Baird and Lane Gamble - Beth said she would ask Gary, Melissa said she would also approach. Aaron asked about age groups and how many plate awards to get made. Age range - 0-3/ 3-5/5-8/8-11/12-16/16-21/21-30/30-50/50 - up (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) total 27 for brick toss. 2 plates for corn hole - 3 for pie judging . Aaron came back with a pricing from Eric. He said if he helps with the engraving that we could have the awards completed for $100. Aaron insisted that he will cover the cost of this if we get the aluminum for the awards. He only needs two week's notice. Ron to pick-up the aluminum from Lowes. He said he could do a pie insignia for pie judging, an ear of corn of corn hole. use the logo we have for sesquicentennial and just change to brick fest.

Sack races - Melissa has sacks - still need to get someone to run. She said she has help for this.

Cheerleaders to do face painting - also will perform on stage

Water Balloons - use instead of egg toss. Melissa has gun to fill. Pat said Pam wants to donate the eggs. Everyone agreed to do water balloons instead. Less messy.  Pam also said she will donate hula hoops.

Corn Hole- Beth to run.

Pie judging contest. - Thought was to ask the local people to make their best pie. Have a local judge to go through and test to see who makes the best. Melissa suggested to ask different people to make.

Watermelon seed spitting contest. - Need someone to run.
Basket drawing - starting at 4 PM
Movie starting at dusk. - Melissa said she spoke to Brian Fox from Criterion Pictures. She to have the kids from summer camp to choose the movie to show. She thought the movie price was covered already. She said Archie JR was to donate $100 toward cost. Pat said haven't received yet.

Additional letters sent to - TriStar Motors, Mcinhcok, Waste Management, Accent Fuels, Quaker Sales, Mike Reese Office, Loyal Hanna Realty, McCracken Funeral Home, Giant Eagle asking for help in covering cost of events. It had been discussed in prior meeting about giving wooden nickels away as prizes. Pat checked the cost. Minimum order 100 costing $179.00. Too much for us.

Event list needs to be done. DJ play 11 to possibly 4 PM ( 50's and 60's music) during break time we can have Cheerleaders to perform.
Tug of war 9 AM

Dunking Booth noon - 5 pm
Brick-toss 10 AM

Corn hole contest 1 pm
Sack Races 11:30 AM

Pie judging event 2 pm
Balloon toss noon

Water-melon seed spitting 3 pm
Hula-hoop contest 3:30

Basket drawing 4 pm
Concert 5-7 pm

Movie starting at dusk
Craft vendors 9-5 pm
Various food & drink all day
Face painting all day
Bouncy houses all day

Question was brought up on IRMC concerning the stage. Haven't received an estimate yet on the cost of repairing. Possible next meeting for cost.
Beth to asked IRMC to set up possible booth.

Discussion was made on the long time of the event. Melissa said the kids will bring blankets to lie on. It was also discussed to have bottles of water taken around during the concert for those who have a hard time getting around.

Clean up and Set up - Pretty much everyone to help. Field also needs marked for vendors. We still need to purchase the line marker for parks and electric cable to feed the bouncy houses.

Question arose on the electric - if we could borrow heavy duty cords from Fire Dept.
We will use again in the future. 100 foot alone runs close to $100. We need over 200 feet. It was agreed to put on Lowes account and pay Borough for items rather than borrow.

Beth asked Melissa if she had a food license so we could prepare food. Melissa said she still has hers that is good for 5 years. Beth said we should have a copy on file to be safe. Melissa said she has a food handling license that she can use either at her store or elsewhere. There is also a store license. Melissa said she would check with food inspector when she comes on Wednesday.

Basket update. People are making baskets. Pat said she has several baskets already. Melissa also said she has baskets coming.
Question was brought up about someone wanting to purchase additional tickets. We can't. We can only ask for donations. We can give tickets away for just about anything including winners from the other games.

Melissa asked if we were doing anything with the books. If not then she is doing from her store. Melissa asked if Anita ever gave back the Borough's book. Pat said no, so Melissa said she would check to see if still there.

Bouncy house for sale, "blast zone castle" for $150.00 from Barb Machak. Melissa to try to get answer for us. All agreed to purchase if we can get.
Next Brick-fest meeting to be held Monday July 23, 7 PM.

Meeting adjourned 8:30

Patricia Betts