June 20, 2018




This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Beth Thompson, Pat Betts, Ron Betts, Aaron Bouch, Melissa Miller, Ben West
Absent- Pam and Joe St Clair
Public Attendance Sue Bartow, Matt Lamantia

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Beth Thompson
Motion to approve May minutes was made by Beth with correction. Ben was at May meeting.Ben 2nd. All in favor. Motion passed

Approval of Treasurer Report made by Melissa, Ron 2nd. All approved motion carried.

No public comment at this time

Discussion was made on how to do basket sales and food sales together without SGOC. Melissa contacted Kim Shaffer at Mike Reese office to clarify. Sue asked about food sales. Melissa stated she has her food license.
Beth made mention that Shawn Baird and Steve Culvertson are handling another corn hole contest. July 28 at 5:30 PM. at Legion. Corn hole receipts from June 9, made $43.00

Discussion was made on the pretzel sales. It was decided to take from Lamantia's and put in Legion to try to sale. Clerk at Lamantia knows nothing about the pretzels.

Results from Petting Zoo.  All receipts and expenses are on the treasurer report except for police finger print kits and coloring books. That amount came to $353.53. Just received the bill.

Next item: Parks usage Permit application was brought up by Pat. New form was presented to everyone for their suggestion and / or approval. It was suggested to ask Jeffery on this.

Melissa wanted to apologize to Beth for not attending the corn hole event. She forgot at the last minute.

Flag pole light has been added to the park so it can be flown all the time.

During Brick fest meeting on the 20th it was suggested to do a massive bulk mailing. Pat received information on this. Passed around samples of different mailings. Discussion was made and decided to go ahead with mailing with zip codes 15923, 15944, 15949 area. Suggest to put on flyer rest of yr events and asking for donations.
Rest of meeting was cancelled - emergency with member.
Time 7:20 PM

Patricia Betts