May 18
​​​​​​​Parks Agenda
​​​​​​​7:30 PM


 Open Meeting

Approval of April minutes

Approval of April Treasurer Reports

Old Business

1.  Update on sponsorship letters

2  Update on tickets for cow plop

3.  Update on pierogi fund raiser  - was tabled from last month meeting

4.  Update on speaker system- was tabled from last month meeting

5.  Update on tree estimates- grants or no grant- help or no help from Borough

6.  Update on plastic recycling

New Business:

1.  Food items for cow plop and concert

2.  car show flyer & trophies

3.  trophies for tractor pull and how many

4.  who is doing lines for cow plop and when and what size squares

5.  set up time for June 11 polka concert and street blocking

6.  When to deliver notices to residents involved with street closure time.

  Next meeting June 15