May 7 2020



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Meeting was opened by Clark Baird, Council President 7 PM.

Note: Meeting was held at the Bolivar American Legion due to Covid- 19 virus restriction of 6 ft apart.

Present: Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Gladine McMaster, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Clark Baird, Mayor Tom Pickup

Absent: Lou McLaughlin

Public Attendance: No public attended, however was advertised as a public meeting

Approval of April 17 meeting minutes – Ron motioned to accept 2nd by Sue, all in favor Motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report – Sue wanted to know what the Act 13 funds could be used for. Pat explained what items this account may be used for. Sue also wanted to know if we received the rent money from Somerset Bank. Pat said we received in March the entire year worth of rent.

Sue motions to combine the Public Safety sub account and the Engineer sub account and place into the Logging Fund for storm water project and engineer fees. Gladine 2nd, all in favor motion passed.

Gladine motions to accept treasurer report, 2nd by Sue, all in favor motion passed.

First on agenda:

Solicitor Report: Jeffery explained the difficulty on the rewriting the Street Opening Ordinance. After discussion, Gladine, Sue, Ron and Clark made the decision to drop any changes to the Ordinance.

Public Comment: No general public came to the meeting.

Update on selling of police car: Pat and Jeffery discussed this earlier. After Pat registered with Municibid she had concerns on setting a Reserve based on the manual requirements and suggestions. Jeffery to read the information on how this site works and hopefully get it listed before the next meeting.

Update on drain cleaning at bridge by Fairfield TWP. Due to Covid-19 this has been postponed again.

Update on landscaping at ATM. Pat said Greg had finished putting the rest of the stone today so this project is now completed.

Update on 2nd & McKinley St – Lichtenfelt’s drain. Ron said this project is now completed. Now we are just waiting for the gravel to settle before we have it paved. Sue wanted to know if that was included in Bill’s bid. Ron said no it was not. Ron also said he would like to contact Harvey Paving to have the entire road paved from the alley to McKinley Street because the current asphalt has come off the road from all the water that has been running on it. Sue said we really cannot afford to do this and wanted to know why the paving was not included in Hughes Excavating bid. Pat explained that due to new regulations with Liquid Fuels and the fact that Bill Hughes is on file as our Contractor he can only submit his charges for the work and the Borough must pay for the remaining charges, such as piping, paving, gravel, and so forth. Sue suggested to just get a quote for that particular section. After discussion Ron will get several different estimates.

1. Do whole way across from Crabapple Lane to McKinley St.
2. Just the patch that was necessary for where Bill dug.
3. Do up correctly by taking out the old bricks and putting an underground drainage system to build the road properly.

Update on 2019 CDBG project: Pat said Mr. Prisk, got hold of Westmoreland County. He was not aware that Terry Antonacci had retired. I forwarded the letter that was received and he then notified Janet Thomas who took over. After review of the applicants with McCormick Taylor, MS Thomas authorized
to publicly issue the award letter to Ray Winters & Sons. Upon her suggestion we gave them 15 days to submit the Surety Bond and Performance Bond, and also to set up a pre-construction meeting date so everyone can sign off on the contracts. Sue wanted to know what they said about the additional $1840.60. Pat also said Mr. Prisk asked about this and was told by Ms. Thomas because of the small amount there would be no problem with doing an amendment to the grant and they would cover it.

Update on Storm water project funding. Pat heard from Keith.

Item 1. Small water and H2O grant applications. These applications were determined CFA Board early on Feb. 18, 2020. We have not had any questions since then. The board is scheduled to make funding decisions on July 14th.
2. CDBG application. There were updated guidelines published in April 2020. He is reviewing the guidelines for changes and will be working toward completion of an application during the month of May. Right now He is thinking that the June meeting will be a good time to review the detail with the


Other business: Sue brought up high grass issues. She doesn’t have any issues at this time. After Jeffery mentioned about high grass issue at Verizon building the fact they took care of it and a couple other places, Sue then mentioned she did have one, the old Shirey place. Next to Amy’s. Jeffery said
there is a possible new owner. Jeffery said a new deed has not been recorded. Jeffery said Findleyville Homes LLC. Owns that now. Nothing was decided on this.

New Business
Resolution for Real Estate taxes due to Covid-19 Pat said she received a separate Resolution from the County allowing tax payers to pay the discounted rate until August 31 and then face value until December for this year only. The Municipality may or may not do. It is their decision. After discussion with council a Resolution for the town to reduce this year spring tax only as follows with the county. Sue made motion to accept tax break, and Clark 2nd, all in favor motions passed for Resolution 3 of 2020. Tax Break for Covid 19 for 2020 only.

Yard Sale Day: This is set for June 20. Everyone agreed.

Clean Up Days – set for June 27th sign up schedule to come out in June for signup at working site.

Parks Cleanup Day - Set for May 16th 10am to 2 pm Pat said we are looking for Volunteers.

Fire Dept. Amusement fee for 2020 – current license expired April 15 Pat said she had sent out Original notice in February, and reminder in March, and a Final notice letting them know their license expired April 15. If they no longer have any machines then have asked them to let us know so we can take off the list of businesses who receive the license. Sue to take care of.

Complaint from resident about parking issues
Clark read letter that was received in the mail. He read the letter to Council, however no one signed the letter and no return address on envelope. The letter did not specify the exact address but the way the letter was written the house was clearly identified. Discussion was made that if anyone complains and does not sign the letter or come in person to complain then Council will not take action. Gladine also said she was approached from someone else on the same subject of parking on the sidewalk and people have to walk down the street to go around the vehicle. 

Clark wanted to know what is going on with the hopper at Treasure house. Sue said she gave them permission to get it but not to block the sidewalk or road. Having issues with trash collector in picking up the hoppers. The door is swinging over the sidewalk.

Memorial Day parade: Pat asked John on this. The American Legion is not having one this year because of the Covid-19 issues and haven’t been able to get any bands. He was also concerned about the large crowds. He did say that on Memorial Day at 9 AM the Legion will have a small ceremony at the
June McDermott Cemetery for anyone wishing to attend.

Federal surplus program renewal. Pat received a renewal form which is due now. Three years ago we had Sue Clark and myself on the contract. Wanted to know if the same parties who were authorized before wanted to stay on. If so contract needs to be signed for another three years.

Sue wanted to know about Keystone Municipal Insurance Program she received information on and wanted Pat to check on the costs. Information came in on a PSAB new letter.

We have an extension contract from the Forester and HMI Contractors. We need to sign off and send their copy back. They have agreed to the new terms. 

Clark wanted to know if rest of Council wanted to hold the meetings at the Legion until the Covid 19 situation settles down. Everyone agreed to continue holding meetings at Legion.

Nothing else under new business.

Sewage Report. None yet. Cindy mentioned no meeting in the month of May. Not sure about making one for June yet.

Mayor Report – Tom said he is trying to keep up with the Covid 19 issues. Gladine asked the question to the Mayor if he was still eligible to be Mayor. Tom said he owns property, gets his mail here, and stays here, also a registered voter here. Gladine asked but do actually live here? Gladine said holding property does not mean you are actually from here. Different people have asked and since you have a business in Ligonier and you are there all the time. Council just wanted to know directly from you on this matter.

Street commissioner report. 190 miles put on truck. Used 62.8 gallons of gas. Zero turn used 11.68 gallons gas and put 9.6 hours. Greg having trouble with borough truck starting. Every weekend it has a 
dead battery. Pat checked clear back to 2014 and did not have a replacement battery put into truck.
We have gotten batteries for the zero turn and skidsteer. Sue make motion to get a battery for up to $150, Gladine 2nds all in favor motion passed.

Parks & Rec report. Process of getting banners put up. We received 47 at this time. Have more banners on order for next shipment.

Pat asked Council their opinion on having a concert on May 31.
She received a call from the Band and I told them I would let them know after our meeting. Our park is very large, benches already spaced apart. Sue said it is up to the organization if they want to have it or not, and she does not have an issue with it. Gladine said the same thing. Parks was going to ask
people to stay 6 feet apart at concession stand and no more than 2 people on the benches. Clark has no problem either. Council said we can do whatever we want.

Motion to adjourn made by Ron 2nd by Sue to close meeting at 8:15 PM.


Patricia Betts