November 21, 2019

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present Pat Betts, Melissa Miller, Ron Betts, Aaron and Michelle Bouch, Beth Thompson

Absent: Pam & Joe St.Clair

Meeting called to order 7:10 PM

Motion to approve minutes from Oct 17 was made by Beth, 2nd by Ron after correction of word form on 2nd page should be from. Minutes approved.

Treasurer Report for Oct. Motion to approve made by Melissa, 2nd by Beth. Treasurer Report approved.

Old Business:

Upgrade of electric at both parks. Pat said she met with a Security company for Beaufort Electrical Services. He wanted to know exactly where the camera's needed to be placed and where the modem needs to be. Beaufort's to get me the final estimates by early next week.

Funds for this year events: Pat gave everyone a copy of what was made and spent so far for the entire year.

Update on Sponsor's letters. Melissa said she sent out half of the list 2 days ago and will send out the remaining amount within the next couple days. Pat to get address for WPD for Melissa.

Update on grant improvements for lower park improvements and water park. Melissa says Bill Wagner from Wagner Foundation wants us to apply through the Pittsburgh Foundation for their funds. Melissa says we need to have Mr. Crounour, Phil Knoc, and Westmoreland Foundation and have them come in for a meeting to help us out on the funding and grants.

Another suggestion is to form a Regional Parks and Recreation Board. Check with New Florence, Fairfield, West Wheatfield. Would they be interested and set up a meeting toward the end of January. Example, walking trails. Set up meeting for January 23rd if possible.

New Business:
Next meeting will be Dec 19, 7 PM

Treat for Kids from Santa?
Spend no more than $100 this year. Melissa to check with Conrad's to see what she can get.
Do approx 75 treat bags.

Hometown Hero Banner Program
Pat gave flyers to K & K, Lamantia Store, Pizza Post, Brickyard Cafe, VFW, Legion and put flyer at Post office. Also the Legion is sending a flyer to PA Headquarters for them to send out to all Post members at the Post. It would then be up to the members if they want to purchase a banner or not. Pat also gave a request to Fairfield TWP and West Wheatfield to ask them to get
approval from Penelec to hang banners on their poles. Melissa asked if we would be willing to hang the banners up again from the Sesquicentennial. Pat said yes we can do that also.

Sunshine notice for 2020. Everyone received a list of meetings for 2020. If everyone agrees then Pat will put in paper. Melissa made motion to accept as written, 2nd by Michelle, all in favor. Motion passed.

Home Decorating Contest for this year. The past several years we had to beg people to enter contest. Motion was made by Michelle to not do, Aaron 2nd, all in favor, Motion passed.

Melissa still owed for items she sold at the Brickyard Cafe and for pizzas. she to write a check for total amount.

Beth said she was approached by Art Sisitki and said he found another sign for Burkey Park and wanted to know if we wanted it. Beth said she will take the sign and get it encased for the park.

Arrangements for Santa Day Dec 21. Misty Haven confirmed for that day from 4 - 6 PM, along with Santa coming at same time. We need people to help with the kids waiting in line. Melissa said she has a little camera that we can use for photos with Santa. Pat to check with K & K for hot chocolate again. Park will also be decorated. We need to put a donation box at the park so when people come by they can put donations in. Box will be emptied daily.
Park needs to get decorated. Pat and Ron can only do during the day. When the sun goes down we cannot tolerate the cold. Looking for volunteers to help out. Melissa said she can be there day after Thanksgiving in the afternoon.

Melissa asked if any other business to discuss. Motion made to adjourn at 7:45 by Aaron and 2nd by Melissa.


Patricia Betts