March 16

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Brittany Miller, President at 7:30 PM

PresentBrittany Miller, Brittany Hughes, Ron Betts, Everett Saxton, Mellissa Miller

Absent: Jessica Betts

Public Attendance:  none

Approval of February meeting minutes.

Mellissa said she cannot approve because she was not here last month.

Motion made to approve February minutes made by Brittany H, 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.

Approval of treasurer report for February

Brittany M asked how much funds are in the checking account.   Pat explained again what funds are in project fund and what is in the gen fund to date.  Pat calls the gen fund, “our “   play money. 

Pat has spread sheet on what money in the project fund is distributed for and explained this to Brittany.

Pat also explained that the $2500 from the Borough is going to pay for some of the events and port-a-johns for the summer.  We did not receive as much sponsorship money this year as in the past. 

Motion made to approve treasurer reports made by Mellissa, 2nd by Brittany M.   All in favor motion passed.

Old Business

Update on 2023 Schedule of Events

Pat gave everyone a copy of the event list of events for the summer.  Comments and changes are needed before I run mass production of them to distribute.  Several changes were suggested by board members and Pat to change before printing.  Move the Favor, Legion and Fire Dept. web sites to another location on the flyer.  The yard sale day make it town wide yard sale day.  Add future painting in the park for children activities.  Add dairy queen ice cream to the ice cream social in July.  Add kid’s tractor pull to the Brickfest events. 

Update on sponsorship letters:

Mellissa sent more sponsorship letters out.  She said the economy is not good and they are slow to respond.  Discussion was made for the car show.  Mellissa will check with K & K to see if they will sponsor the car show for us.  Pat said we still have not received anything from Somerset Trust and S & T Bank.  She also sent another one out to Covington Financial.  LaMantia’s has agreed to pay for the champion shirts up to $500.  Mellissa said she will go through American Eagle.  She has used them before.   Pat asked if a letter was sent to IRMC?  Mellissa said no but will. 

Update on Bands for Brickfest:

Pat and Mellissa were discussing bands for Brickfest.  The change from Dusty Peters band to another band since they disband the group.  Mellissa also said the June band is misspelled and needs corrected.  Change the spelling of porgies to pierogis.     

Pat also gave a copy of several bouncy houses she is trying to get.  Pat has a call into Mr. Lewis to see if the bouncy houses are available. 

Pat also asked about getting the small tractor pull. 

Results on Feb 26 painting project

We had 7 people that did not show up.  Gave her over $500 for everyone.

Update on Vendor Letters:

Any other business to discuss:

Mellissa did follow up with the sign lady.  She told her about the June McDermott sign.  She suggested to get a vinyl sign on the stage and have the sponsors on there.  $6 per square foot.  Next year all we have to do is add name to next year.  We keep the current sign and they either remove or take off.  We just pay for any changes. 

Discussion on the different types of signs they make and how they make.  They are very heavy vinyl material.  Everett asked if there was a difference in the cost of the size of the letters.  Mellissa did not ask.

Mellissa met with the arborist this afternoon and they walked the entire park at the lower and upper park.  They put orange ties on some trees.  Those cannot be saved.  He is to give us an estimate for both the upper and lower parks.  The tree next to the concession stand.  Both trees by the slide needs to come down.  They are very bad.  We have 2 hemlock trees that need to be treated.  The white spots at the upper part of the trees are a killer to the trees.  He can treat them from the roots to kill the disease.

When we plant more trees we need to keep in mind the distance apart so they can grow.  They need to be planted further apart.  We have 1 tree at the lower park that we should take down.  It’s leaning toward the fence and will take the fence out if it comes down.  The one tree that is growing across the field is perfect.  Do not touch it.  There is a lot of pruning that needs to be done.  

The paint lady will also set up a booth for Brickfest and pay for her spot.  She will also come here during the summer and have different age groups for painting.  She would only need 5 kids per class.  She does an activity treat and book.  For the older kids they can make jewelry. 

Follow up on fireworks for Brickfest:

Pat said this is off the table.  We do not have the funds this year unless we have a sponsor to cover the cost. 

Update on tickets for the cow plop. 

Mellissa suggested cost is $20 per ticket.  Only have 100 spots.  $1,000 winner.  If cow plops on two spots then they would divide the winning money between them.  Pat to be given the flyer after Mellissa finishes the rules.  We also will be doing 50/50 and pull tickets during event.  We will have a DJ playing and have food and drinks also.  This will all lead up to the concert starting at 5 PM. 

They are given a number on their ticket but it is not the number on the square.  All names are put into the computer which randomly generates where the name and number is assigned.  Everyone will get a flyer that day to show where their name is on the grid. 

Discussion was made on the name of the event.  We decided to make it “Cow Plop Drop”

New Business: 

Kids Tractor run for Brickfest

Melissa M to contact Brush Valley Tractor & Antique Club to see if they would come to Brickfest to do the kids tractor pull.  Brittany M. said they even had trophies. 

Next Painting meet & cost.

April 2nd is the next painting class at the Borough office from 5 to 7 pm. 

Outcome with Keith on grant

Mellissa said she got new grant information and she would call Keith in the morning.

Any other Business?

Everett worked for Homer City power plant.  He to find out who to send letter to for sponsorship.

Mellissa awaiting a call from Mr. Carns from one of the power plants.  They are wanting to give away funds to parks but has not called back.

Everett to contact his brother to find out who to send letter to for Conamaugh Power plant for donation. 

Mellissa said there is a pierogi fund raiser that brings a truck to the event that makes the pierogis. 

We can take orders and they deliver during our event.  She can look into this for parks.  They send you the order forms and they bring the truck that day for those that ordered in advance.  It’s also another draw of people. 

No other business to discuss.

Brittany Miller motions to adjourn, Brittany Hughes 2nd motion to close at 8:25 PM


Patricia Betts