Sewage Flow Change

to Tri-Community

Sewage Authority

Residential Sewage Flow Change for Tri Community Sewage Authority

At the regular meeting of the Bolivar Borough Council held on January 3, 1984, the Revised Resolution was duly adopted and approved.

Resolved: That the Council of Bolivar Borough, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, hereby adopt and approved and submitted to the Tri-Community Water and Sewage Authority of Bolivar Pennsylvania a Revised Resolution to module IV - 2, "Residential Sewage Flow" to increase flow from 90 gallons per person per day, to 100 gallons per person per day, four (4) times the average flow. Change design from 20-25 year design to a 40 year design.

Adopted and approved this 3rd day of January 1984


Florance Bella


Original on file in Ordinance Book page 230 ‚Äč