Paving of Various

Streets in Bolivar

Whereas, the Council of Bolivar Borough had advertised for bids for this improvement of various streets in Bolivar Borough in accordance with specifications as set forth therein, and

Whereas, a bid was received from Quaker Sales Corporation, PO Box 870, Johnstown Pennsylvania in the amount of $1.95 per Square yard, leveling course @ $18.50 per ton, approaches @$1.00 per square yard or a total of $8,663.10 and the same is hereby accepted for the construction of 2 1/2 " covering on the present base following streets:

4th Street - Market to Washington

5th Street - Shaffer to Market

6th Street - Market to Washington and Washington to Lincoln

7th Street - Washington to Lincoln

8th Street - Washington to Lincoln

9th Street - Washington to Lincoln

Whereas, said Corporation was the lowest bidder.

Now therefore be resolved, by the Council of Bolivar Borough, in Council assembled and it is hereby resolved by the authority of the same:

     Section 1. That the bid of the Quaker Sales Corporation, PO Box 870, Johnstown Pennsylvania, at $1.75 per square yard for a total of $8,663.10 be, and the same is hereby accepted for the paving of the above mentioned streets with a 2 1/2 " I.D.- 2 bituminous surface.

     Section 2: That the President and Secretary be and are hereby authorized to sign any and all necessary contracts and other papers incidental there to carry into effect this resolution.

Resolved in regular Council meeting held July 3, 1962 A.D.

P.J. Conover



Erma M. McCartney


Approved this 1st day of May A.D. 1962

J.E. Snyder



Erma McCartney

Secretary ‚Äč