Matters of the Solicitor

Matters of the Solicitor

Whereas, the Council of the Borough desires to establish a policy regulating the referral of matters to the Solicitor and

Whereas, the Council of the Borough of Bolivar wished to terminate the practice of having individual members of Council contact the Solicitor without the knowledge of the remainder of Council

Now therefore, be it resolved and it is hereby resolved by the Council of the Borough of Bolivar, County of Westmoreland County, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, that the following policy is hereby adopted.

1. Council shall prefer that all matters for referral be raised at any regular or special meeting and approved for referral by a majority of Council or a quorum thereof.

2. In the event that the matter requires referral prior to a scheduled meeting, then the matter shall be made in writing and a copy of each referral shall be delivered to each member of Council, at the time of referral.

3. This Resolution shall not affect the provisions of Section 1117 of the Borough Code, relating to those individuals authorized to seek the opinion of the Solicitor.

Resolved and Ordained, by Council this 2nd day of December 1996.

Bolivar of Borough

Kim Sisitki

President of Council


Melissa Miller


Everett Saxton


Original Resolution on file in Vault