Ordinance # 084-6

Setting all Tax Rates

for 1985

An Ordinance of Bolivar Borough, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, fixing the rate of tax (Under Act 511) for the year 1985.

Be it ordained and enacted, and is hereby ordained and enacted by the Council of Bolivar Borough, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

That a tax be and the same is hereby levied on all property and occupations within said Municipality subject to taxation for fiscal year 1985, as follows:

The rate for general purpose, 4.49 Mills on each dollar of assessed valuation, or the sum of 44.9 on each One hundred dollars of assessed valuation.

$5.00 per capita, 1/2 of 1% earned income, 1/2 of 1 % real estate transfer tax and $10. occupational privilege tax.

Ordained and enacted this 3rd day of December 1984

Adopted this 3rd day of December 1984


Forine Bella