April 7 2022

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Lou McLaughlin 7 PM

Attendance: Keith St.Clair, Ron Betts, Lou McLaughlin, Sue Bartow, Jeffery Miller, Clark Baird, Gladine McMaster

Absent:  none

Public - Dan Short JR, Zach Burtop and Cassandra Lester, Bill Hughes, Greg Hughes, Melissa  Miller

Approval of Minutes from March 3, 2022.

Motion to approve made by Keith, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed. 

Treasurer Report

Jeffery asked if Council decided what to do with the funds from the American Rescue Plan.  Pat said the funds are going toward the fixing of 5th street storm drain issue. 

Motion to approve treasurer report made by Keith, 2nd by Gladine all in favor motion passed.

Solicitor report - nothing at this time.

Public Comment: 

Boone asked Lou if we were done with the drains.  Lou commented "No we are not done yet"  The drain beside Dink's is falling in and in very bad condition.

Boone also wanted to know why the truck was parked inside the Quonset Hut with all the salt.  Ron asked if he had been down at the Quonset Hut.  Boone commented he had not but the ground still has salt in it.  Gladine stated the salt had all been removed and replaced with new  ground.

 Greg stated he put 23 tons of # 3 stone and ground  in there.   Greg said if council wants him to not park in there now they will let him know.  

Gladine said the Monday workers also helped in digging . 

Boone commented he did not want to see $93,000 into a truck if it was going to rust away. 

Greg:  He brought the truck up so if anyone wanted to look at it, the keys were on his desk.

Bill, Zach, and Cassandra had nothing to say.

The Mayor asked how much longer they were going to be here.  Lou said until they get done.  Mayor said someone needs to tell them not to run through the stop sign at 2nd & Shaffer St. 

Lou said he will make sure to tell them. We also need to inform the town people that when the cones are up and the road closed sign is up it means the roads is closed and not to come flying over the cones and trying to drive thru. 

Bill asked if they were going to be paving or concreting around the drains.  Lou said he thought they were going to put concrete around the drains.

Old Business:

Update on  2020 CDBG with Curry & Kepple.

Pat said they have most of the drains dug up and replaced.  We had issues getting the HOP permit for 1st and Lincoln St.  We now have the permit and the contractors had to special order a special type of  drain to meet State requirements for their portion of the highway. 

Lou said all the Bolivar residents will have to wait a few extra minutes for the flag person for a couple days until the drain is replaced.

Update on Home owner parking on5th Street on no parking side. - Lou

Lou talked to the people and they have now been parking in the alley. 

Revisit of power washer purchase from Jan 11th meeting.

Pat wanted to know if it was ok to get the power washer now that the new truck is here.  Lou asked where the running water is.  Pat said we have the water and electric here at the borough office.

Pat said in the January 11th minutes Lowe's has a craftsmen 2100 PSI washer, comes with 4 nozzles, including a turbo nozzle. 35 feet of cord, used 1.2 gallons per minute of water 1/2 hoses, 10 inch wheels and a 3 year warranty for $199.

Harbor Freight has a Bauer 2000 psi washer, comes with 4 nozzles, 10 inch wheels, 25 feet of hose, 35 foot power cord. 90 day warranty for $199.

Keith asked if a motion was made on it yet.  Pat said in January 11th meeting motion to approve was made by Keith, 2nd by Gladine.  and in the February 3rd meeting motion to wait until the truck is here to purchase was made by Keith and 2nd by Gladine.   Pat said do we get it now or not.  Gladine said to get it now.

Lou asked if anyone else had any old business to discuss.  Anybody?  No one commented.

New Business

Cost estimate for Borough sign for truck door.

Pat  handed out 2 estimates for the sign.  We received an estimate from Burtop Graphics & Apparel  for a total of $125. This includes graphic design, decals for both doors and installing.  The size would be 10 x 10 and the emblem would be our Logo which was created from the sesquicentennial. 

The other quote was from Fast Signs in Greensburg.  Their cost of non-reflective design is $84.86 and if we take for them to install it would be additional $75.00 or they can come here and install for $additional $200  Their total cost is $159.86

Jeffery asked if they were magnets or not.  Pat said no.  They would be permanently installed just like we had on the Police Car and Borough truck. 

Lou said he makes the motion to accept Zach's.  His  is cheaper and we can keep business in the Borough.  Keith 2nds all in favor, motion passed.   

Zach also commented that the sign is made from Oracal 951 which is guaranteed to last up to 10 years in direct sunlight.

Pat asked if anyone had a problem with the logo.  Gladine asked how we got to use the Bolivar Logo from then.  Pat said we never had a logo and since we designed it we also use it on our letterhead. 

Lou asked if we would have any legal issues.  Jeffery said no. 

Summary of financial statement of 2021 audit. 

Pat said the audit was completed in February and March was submitted to State for approval.  Everyone received a copy of the email I received from Harrisburg stating the audit was reviewed finalized and approved.   

Jeffery asked if we published in the paper yet?  Pat said not but will be putting in paper next few days. 

Need approval for 5 tons of 2-B gravel for use on 5th Street and other areas as needed. 

Keith asked about gravel for the alley by my house on Joe LaMantia side of alley.  Keith wanted to know how we could do that.  Keith asked Ron how to do it.  Pat said the funds could not come out of Liquid Fuels but would have to come out of General Funds. 

Lou said if we do one alley we would have to do all the alleys.  The alleys are really owned by the homes on either side of the alley.  It is their responsibility to maintain.  It would open a can of worms if we did for one person and not all. 

Jeffery asked how much gravel does a block take?  Gladine commented how thick and long you want it.

Bill said about 5 ton per alley.  Bill said  $170 for a 5 ton gravel now.   Jeffery commented also maybe if each homeowner  were to contribute  $50 each  then the alleys could get done. 

Keith motion to get 5 ton for the Borough.  We will just send Greg up to get a load of stone.  Lou motions to get stone for no more than $500. Gladine 2nds motion all in favor motion passed. 

Street Sweeper - Keith

Keith talked to Ron about a walk behind street sweeper, and apparently we had one years ago.  He sent Pat several different quotes for everyone to see and discuss.  Jeffery said several years ago we got a street sweeping company come in and do the streets but over time it got to be expensive.  Council was dissatisfied with the work that was done.   Discussion was done on several different types of sweepers. 

Greg said he hauled 7 truckloads of dirt down to lower park.  They swept the entire town in 7 hours.  Pat to look into who we used before for next month.

Storm drain end of 8th Street Alleyway.

Lou said he is surprised no one has come down to complain about it.  It is falling in.

Pat said we got an estimate for the drain at 8th street.  I contacted Amanda McDivitt with the County CDBG  and McCormick Taylor to asked if we could amend the contract to include the drain. Total cost is $4884.00 since the equipment is here already we will not have to pay for equipment to be moved in and out again. 

Amanda's response was no they were not able to add to the scope of the project.  It would mean they would have to change the Environmental review because it involves digging. 

The next step I did was to contact Rick Skovensky with Liquid fuels.  He said if council approves then I could send him the estimate and he would approve us to use liquid fuels to cover. 

Sue asked if it was fully covered under liquid fuels.  Pat said yes.   Sue said we were allotted $117,000 and Curry and Kepple came in at $108,000.  Lou said if we wait it will cost another $1000 to get equipment back.  Keith asked if we could take it from the American rescue Plan also.

Sue motions to pay out of liquid fuels the $4884 for Curry & Kepple to do the drain, 2nd by Lou all in favor motion passed. 

Insurance payment to Fire Dept. 

Need council approval to send off to Fire Dept $1700 to help cover their cost of insurance since we are now getting in the Real Estate Tax money.  Sue motions to send 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed. 

Floor mats and seat cover for truck.

Lou said seat covers would be a good idea.  Greg talked to Weather Tech  and their cost is Floor mats $109.95 a pair and 1seat cover $129 each for a total of $238.95 or get both mats and both seat covers for $357.95 The truck has a vinyl mat in it now which he already had to scrub out.  The dirt will go down in between  the floor and frame.  Whereas the weather tech keeps this from happening.  the seat cover will protect the leather seats from tearing. 

Gladine said they are a well worth investment and we use them at the electric plant also. No one else commented. 

Gladine motions to get both floor mats and seats covers for both seats for the truck for $357.95. Lou 2nds all in favor motion passed. 

Old Scrap Metal disposal

Greg said the price of scrap metal is way up right now. Hemminger's is was low.  Indiana scrap metal is pretty high as well as Greensburg.   Nathan Howe took a scrap car to Indiana and got a lot more money there.  Sue said Hemminger's was $10 and  Homer city was $14. 

Gladine makes motion to dispose of our scrap metal within a driving distance of 30 miles to the location that has the best price per ton, Keith 2nds, all in favor motion passed.

Any other business to discuss was asked by Lou.

Sue said on Monday March 21 at 11:41 AM the career link people came up on back of Greg's side by side which is unlicensed and uninsured.  I understand that we are not responsible for their wages or insurance or anything.  I want it noted in the minutes- can we be held liable if they get into an accident.  Their supervisor and boy were both in it.  Sue was asking Jeffery this question.  Jeffery said he has not seen the contract so he really doesn't know the answer.  Sue said Ok.  It was brought to her attention that day when she was talking to Lou.  Jeffery said he would have to take a look at the career link contract.  Jeffery  later came back and said they cannot use the side by side to drive around career link people.  We would still be liable.  They must walk or use their own transportation.

On March 28th at 9:52 AM Mr. Hughes  was punched in on the time clock, and he was down at the post office went down to hut in his personal truck and was down there 1/2 hour and nothing was noted on the time sheet to say what he was doing at the hut.

His time sheet said he vacuumed  and scrubbed floors emptied trash cans, wiped down tables, chairs, bookshelves and etc.    Greg said what is your point.  Sue said you are on Borough time and I don't think you being t the post office is doing borough business and you are at the hut but doesn't say what you are doing at the hut. 

Gladine said you are not his boss, Ron is and should that be his job and not yours.  Sue said apparently no one is keeping track of what he is doing.   Ron said you don't have to keep track of him.  Sue commented "I'm not talking to you"   and Ron said "you don't have to keep track of his time". 

Gladine said this would be something to go into an executive meeting to discuss and not appropriate to discuss in public.  Sue said if I ask for an executive meeting then no-one wants to discuss. 

Lou said personnel matters do not need to be spoken in public.  He has a supervisor and he doesn't need you to be supervising also.   

Also Sue informed Pat that she was missing a time sheet from Feb 19, thru 26th and she would like to have that week's report.  She claims she doesn't have it.  Pat said well maybe he didn't work that week.  I can't give you something if it is not there. 

Sue then asked Jeffery on the paperwork she gave him last month and asked if he looked into any of the stuff.

Jeffery said he does not remember what it was.  The comment from PSAB about the violation of the sunshine Act.   He said was it about someone getting sworn in after the meeting.  Jeffery said he thought he gave you the best explanation he could on the matter and thought that was it.  She wanted it noted in the minutes in case anyone asked about it and they instructed me to make sure it was in the minutes. 

Again , Lou asked if there was any more questions or concerns. Nothing else was said.

Mayor Report.

Mayor received a letter from A.B.A.T.E of PA ( Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education) to promote motorcycle safety, education and awareness in high school drivers' education programs.   They was us to Proclaim the month of May as Motorcycle Awareness Month in the State of Pa. They would like us to consider a Resolution for this.

Street Commissioner Report  

Ron said zero turn has no miles no gas usage for month.  Truck was delivered had 373 miles We put 30 miles on the truck in March. Mileage now shows 403.

Requesting  approval for cleaning items for truck and wax products on sponges. 

Lou motions to purchase cleaning materials and keep under $100, 2nd by Keith all in favor motion passed.

Sewage Report:

Lou asked about the big meeting at the sewage authority.  Zach said it was taken care of.  It was a leak at the medical center.  The two inch line came in from the railroads and had a saddle on it.  The leak was from the saddle.  It was no bigger than a pin hole.   We put all new pipes and everything thing in and did not use a saddle this time. 

Parks & Rec-  

Melissa said we really don't have anything.  Our event are coming up.  Selling pizza coupons and sending sponsorship letters out.  Lou asked about the grant for the lower park. Melissa said May 6th we should hear something.

  Nothing else at this time.   

Zach asked how commedited are we to the 10x10 size.  Could he make it 10x12.  When he put it on the machine it is not 100 % perfectly round.    The program doesn't like the 10x10 size.  Pat said whichever one looks better. 

Motion to adjourn made by Keith, 2nd by Gladine at 8:10 PM.   


Patricia Betts