This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Meeting was opened by Lewis McLaughlin, Council President at 7 PM.

Present: Lewis McLaughlin, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Ron Betts, Keith St.Clair and Gladine McMaster

Absent: Mayor, Tom Pickup

Public Attendance: Zackary and Cassandra Burtop, and Ed Burtop

Approval March meeting minutes. Sue question what was the item that was wrong with the Liquid Fuels Audit. Pat said it was just a coding error. The state changed how a certain item is to be coded so the auditor had to correct it. Motion to approve made by Ron 2nd by Keith. All in favor, motion carried.

Approval of Treasurer Report. Sue questioned why we had two voided checks on the Treasurer report. She wanted to know why. Pat explained she wrote the checks incorrectly so she voided them and rewrote the checks. Voided checks are in the check book for anyone who wished to see them. Keith motions to accept, 2nd by Sue. All in favor, motion carried except Ron, he abstains.

Solicitors Report – Jeffery states he has nothing to report.

Public Comment. Ed Burtop spoke up and said he has a problem with the entryway to his house he bought. His vehicle bottoms out and he would like to lower the curb. Discussion was made to lower the curb but not sure how to do it or if the borough would have a problem with it being removed. Pat mentioned the drain at that location is being replaced this year as part of the 2020 CDBG project. Further discussion was made to put cold patch temporarily at that site so the curb has a slope in it until the storm drain is replaced and the road is redone.

Lou asked if Cassandra and or Zak has anything to discuss. Both said nothing at this time.

Old Business:
Sale of emergency equipment placed on Municibid.

Pat said 1 item was sold to Metro Fire Department Rehab Unit out of Pittsburgh for $50. Item was Kenwood Transceiver Radio. Pat to contact the winner to set up meeting for pickup. If council has no objections then Pat would take care of. The other four items, Police electric bar was put on site for $100, the Electronic Siren Amplifier was put on site for $100, the locking gun rack was put on site for $50 and the Motorola Astro emergency radio was put on site for $75. Sue wanted to know if we could put back on Municibid site. Pat asked if they wanted the same terms or lower the price. Discussion was made to lower all items to $50 each and put back on site. Agreement was made to run again on Municibid. Jeffery asked if we advertised in the paper. Pat said Jeffery told her last month if restricted sale does not need to be in local paper.

Garage door update:
Door was replaced however we had to pay an additional $105 for  bad safety eyes for the garage door opener. Need retro to cover the additional $105.00 cost. Sue motioned to pay the additional money, 2nd by Lou, all in favor motion passed.

Update on 2021 CDBG grant approval

Documents received from the county for a total of $149,150. Papers need to be signed. The papers will go next to HUD for their approval on April 15. We will hear from HUD by June 2021. Since the money is only for $149,150 we are going to do the 5th Street portion first. This part of the project was to be in the 3rd faze. Keith seems to think we can tap into the Washington Street line to the right. Discussion was made on how Keith was to tie into the line. Pat to ask Keith to come to the May meeting and discuss how he was going to tap into the main line on Washington Street. Everyone was trying to figure out whether there is a line between Washington and Market Street. None could be found when the intersection was opened. Suggestion was also made to have COG come up and camera the lines in that area to see exactly where and if the lines are broken and where they currently end. Jeffery suggests to Council we need to try to fix and or tie into the current line until the project can completed with the grant funds. Council asked Pat to have Keith come to the May meeting to explain what he is possibly going to do to fix the area.
Jeffery asked if I had gotten anything on the rescue plan from Covid. All the municipalities will be getting funds from this. Bolivar is estimated to receive about $43,000 in June. They are restricted funds to be used for possible storm line projects. He not sure if we are getting all the funds in June this year or half this year and half next year.

Update on skid steer heater.

Zack said the heater part is in the Quonset Hut. It was not what he wanted to get but the one he got will work. It is magnetic and will attach to the oil pan and plug it in. It takes about 10 minutes to warm up.
It may help or not help. Not sure with the existing skid steer.

Logging update.

Pat read memo from Mr. McColly the Forest Land Service. He anticipates the logging project should be completed by April 10th. He also has a few extra trees that we will be getting paid for. He will have them smooth the road and put additional gravel on road.

2020 CDBG update.
Pat received an invoice from McCormick Taylor in the amount of $3,532.56. He also gave us a project status report. He is working on the bidding documents and awaiting the Federal language and wage rates that need to be included in the documents. Once that is done he will present to us for bidding.
Sue motioned to pay , 2nd by Lou, all in favor motion passed.

New Business

Next meeting May 6th at 7 PM.

Salt and Anti-skid storage bins. - Decision was to table until next month.

Fire Department street closure for Carnival in July
Lou read the request for the closure of certain streets from July 14 thru July 18th. Council discussed and agreed to sign the request for street closure for the time period requested. We also are asking for a copy of the fireworks insurance before they are set off in July. Sue motioned to close the streets , 2nd by Keith all in favor motion passed.

Resolution # 2021-1 Destruction of records.
Pat presented to council approval to destroy records according to state guidelines. Majority of records are from 2014, bank statements, check registers, qtr tax returns, payroll records, no lie letters, pa one call's, employment applications, regular bills, cancelled checks, oath of office, ethic documents, right to know requests, fireworks permits, and liquid fuels records.

CD update on rates
Pat presented to council to decide to keep current CD's at 0.020 and 0.019% or to put into fixed Mutual Bonds at a rate of 1.60% for a 3 year period or at $2.30% for 5 year period. We would be allowed to take 10% out per year if needed. S & T has the rates, Somerset does not have fixed mutual rates, theirs are variable rates only. Pat to check with contact from S & T to find out about a penalty fee if taking out more than 10% and get back to council for next month.

Letter from LaMantia's Store
Pam St. Clair gave notice to everyone on council informing them she is getting very close to opening the Garage for business. They will be offering a wide variety of adult beverages and also in smaller packages as well as the PA Lottery. First National Bank made the decision not to have an outside ATM at their location , therefore Pam will have a small personally owned ATM available in the garage.

Sewage Report: Nothing to report. Zack asked if anyone knows where the other man hole is located at the lower park. He found what he thought was a man hole in from of the Quonset hut but could not find any. He also used a metal detector and could not find.

Mayor report: No one here to give a report.

Street Commissioner Report

Ron said zero miles on truck and zero miles on zero turn. Lenore is also looking to getting help for Greg again from Career Link.

Lou asked if we wanted to bring the borough worker back. It is the first of April. Sue questioned about an SOP for the worker. Lou said he doesn't want to even hear about an SOP. It was discussed to come back on Monday and start to clean the streets. Ron said he will fix the pot holes at 5th street and then clean the anti-skid off the roads and fix the signs. Lou motions to bring the worker back, Keith 2nds the motion, all in favor motion passed.

Jeffery asked about the sidewalk dropping out front. He noticed that Highridge came out and marked as no leaks. Council should consider fixing the sidewalk. Sue mentioned about the pipe sticking out of the 
sidewalk by his store. Jeffery said he is considering fixing that but doesn't want to be held liable if something happens. It is not part of the store property.

Parks & Rec. report
Pat said the 2021 events list is completed and is being handed out to businesses. Will be also sent to homeowners in the near future. Also looking into an additional fund raiser ticket in joint venture with the Legion. More information to come out shortly. We also just completed our Pie fundraiser for Easter.

Lou asked if any other business to discuss. Motion to close made by Ron at 8:20 PM 2nd by Lou. All in favor motion passed.


Patricia Betts