Aug 3, 2023


Regular Meeting 7 PM opened by Lewis McLaughlin

Approval of Minutes from July 6 2023

Approval of Treasurer Report for July

Solicitor Report

Michael Smith

Special guests:

Shawn Conway (field director) from Rep. Reschenthalers Office

Keith Vasas – GAI consultants – engineer firm

Public Comment

Old Business:

  1. Update on easement rights for W. Cunningham
  2. Update on Curry & Kepple finishing 5th Street project
  3. Update on sewage authority request for posting agenda of their meetings on our web site
    New Business
  1. Recall on truck – OBD system – reprogram the Powertrain control and transmission control modules
  2. Staples contract with CITI- Bank has ended and all accounts are being closed as of July 31
  3. Transfer funds from gen acc. to cover payroll for rest of year. 
  4. Parks permits
  5. Destruction of Records Resolution
  6. Emergency mgmt. coordinator position
  7. Assessment appeal hearing for Sue Bartow property Aug 8th
  8. NEW LSA grants for both State and County

Any Other Business

Mayor Report

Sewage Report

Street Commissioner Report

Parks & Rec