This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Ron Betts, Sue Bartow, Mark Scribe, Clark Baird, Solicitor Jeff Miller,

Absent: Mayor Tom Pickup

Special Guest: Ron Robson Engineer Firm for Garage project.

Public Attendance: Dan Short, JR, Mr. and Mrs. Ben West

Meeting called to order 6 PM by Amy Lichenfelt.

Storage facility update: Sue. Additional fee is $2,000.00

Ron Robson said site plan has been updated. Floor plan still same. Sue spoke up concerning parking drive between buildings. After discussion everyone agreed to do away with the drive thru. Sue wanted to know if ample room is still available by Mr. Miller’s. Building size width considering 36 ft. Also does not want to go over sewage line. Everyone decided to bring building up 10 feet and stick with 40 foot size. After discussion, everyone agreed to have building entrance straight in instead of angled. This would give 4 parking spaces behind building instead of two spaces. In addition there would still be ample room for Mr. Miller to be able to get into his carport.

Building position over the sewage line is not an option. If anything goes wrong with the sewage line then the Borough would be responsible to fix the line versus the Sewage Authority.

Next item brought up, the man door. Everyone agreed to be in left side close to Borough bldg. After further discussion both garage doors were decided to be 12 wide x 10 high.

Next item of concern: Overhang. Stay with one foot or go with 2 feet overhang. After discussion among council, all agreed to keep 1 foot with a grade around the building. This would keep the water away from the building and not have it set directly on the ground.

Mr. Robson said the county may waiver the 10 foot requirement because the existing building is all brick. Pat brought up the concept of the area of the building closet to the garage is a large concrete vault as well as the brick walls for the building itself, and she wanted to know why a fire wall would be needed because of this. Mr. Robson, said he would talk to code office to see if they would consider a waiver to have the buildings attached with a roof area by the man door and not have to use a firewall.

Gutters on the building will be 5 inch steel. Council wants to add snow guard.

Garage doors - Council decided to not have windows in garage doors. Mr. Robson said this would save several hundred dollars as each window cost approx additional $100.00 each

Sue mentioned possible work bench inside of building. Mr. Robson assured her there would be ample room to do this even with the zero turn mower, police car, and truck inside the building.

Ceiling height is next item of discussion. Council agreed to have 12 foot ceilings because of the height of the truck and the lighting in the building.

Parking for handicap is another code requirement we must comply with. On the current draft drawing the area of handicap parking is to remain the same. Building code requires us to have handicap accessibility regardless of it just being a garage. We did get waived the sink and wash basin. We still also need the brail plaque on the building, and the lighting above the man door.

Heating is next item to discuss. Ron questioned the heating and why was the heater only 80% efficient. Mr. Robson stated the heating system is 60,000 BTU unit and just a space heater. After checking specs for the heating unit the 40,000 BTU unit, would not be efficient for the size of the garage and temperature.

Sue mentioned the garage door openers. Are they commercial or residential? Mr. Robson said he checked with Scottdale Builders and they have sized the openers for that size of doors.

Outside lights on the sides of garage doors because of the size we could use a lighted exit sign instead of the outside lights, if that is what you want. Garage openers will be located on each garage door.

Mr. Robson said he would have to come back several times to check on some things. He will take to gas company to see if they could tap into existing line or have to install an additional line to garage. The electric line can be taped into existing line, we do have ample power for that.

Public Comment: No-one said anything.

Next item on agenda - Ron brought up the request to purchase an exhaust fan with heat sensor for the current Quonset hut. Clark suggested for Ron to get pricing for next week's meeting.

Next Item. - Mark brought up the purchase of paint for street signs. He went to Lowes and purchased a gallon of paint along with more tar for sealing. He spent $58.39. Sue motioned to approve the purchase Clark 2nd and also to purchase additional 5 gallon of paint for the street signs not to exceed $250.00

Next item- Pat brought up the Web Page. She is maxed out on the free site with only 3 pages and can go no further on it without upgrading to the business package of $19.99 per month.

The current starter package only allows 10 MB and 3 web pages. The business package give us unlimited web pages, and 300 GB of memory, plus unlimited access to what can be done on the site. All in agreement to allow Pat to purchase the Business package for $19.99 per month for the WEB site so Pat can do what she needs to do to get the Ordinances, Resolutions, and Minutes on line. Clark made motion to get business web access for $19.99 per month Sue 2nd. All approved.

Sue asked Mark whether he was contacted about Groff Tractor for the filters that was ordered. Ron did say that Boone always signed and Boro worker wants to be authorized to sign for stuff. Jeffery suggested to do purchase order. Ron cannot just go and sign for anything. Must be Street Commissioner or Assistant Street Commissioner to sign.

Amy brought up a note from Mayor asking for a meeting on August 9 for Early Intervention Program. He also said we have to approve an auditor. Jeffery suggested we contact Mr. Waltenbaugh or Mr. Foreman to verify whether we do or do not need one. Sue also said she knows nothing about any meetings or anything. Tom hasn't said anything about anything.

No other business:

Motion to adjourn 7:35 PM.


Patricia Betts