June 18, 2020​​​​​​​




This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present Pat Betts, Ron Betts, Melissa Miller, Aaron Bouch, Michelle Bouch

Absent: Beth Thompson

Meeting called to order 7:00 PM by Aaron.

Motion to approve May minutes Motion made by Ron, 2nd by Melissa. All in favor, motion passed.

Motion made to approve May treasurer report. Motion made by Melissa 2nd by Michelle. All in favor motion passed.

Old Business:

Update on Hometown Hero Banner Program

Pat said she just received the invoice for the 2nd shipment of banners. We now have a total of 73 banners. Also getting ready to start a 3rd order which will be due by Sept 1.
Aaron asked if they would be up all year or do they come down during winter months. Pat stated they will be up year round. They are designed for this.

Update on Concert.

We had both concerts since last meeting. Both times everyone did their social distancing, everyone wore their masks and no complaints. All food was sold out. Everyone was happy to get out, even had dancing. First one we had 97 people in park and counting surrounding park we had total of 150. The second concert, had total of 108 people. We had signs posted on the distancing. People who were not apart were from the immediate family otherwise they stayed their distance. We had signs posted on wearing masks and everyone did when they came to concession stand. The port-a-johns were also sterilized before and after and the food stand was sterilized before and after .

Aaron asked when the next concert was. Pat said July 12th. Melissa said she would not be there and Pat would need help at food stand. Because of the safety requirements she would need one other person there to either do the food serving or to do the money. Aaron asked who would be the band. Pat said the “Boomers” which is another band that was split up from the 3 of Hearts Band.

The movie on July 18th a decision on what to show needs to be made. Pat brought several movies down to get opinion. “Small Foot” would be a decent movie that would appeal to all ages and genders.

New Business.

Next meeting will be held on July 16, at 7 PM

Brickfest in August. - Decision to have or not have and what events to do. Decision made to do corn hole, have the balloon man, brick toss, basket giveaway, dunking booth, and concerts. Aaron to talk to Rubin or Shawn to see who wants to organize the corn hole.

Dunking booth – we will use gloves for throwing the balls and spray balls with cleaner. Aaron to talk to Brian to see if we can get it again. Pat said we need to get the tin from Lowes and have the plaques made. Pat also to start asking for baskets. Alison Laskowsky has lots of baskets already just waiting to get rid of.
Pat wanted to also know if we need a DJ this year. It was decided to get a DJ  until the entertainment starts. Start time is to be at 11 AM. Decision also was to have the games in the ball field this year instead of in front of the stage. This way the games would not interfere with the DJ and other entertainment. Pat sent out another vendor reminder to see if we could get more vendors for the day.

Steps for stage. Ron wanted to know the thoughts of putting steps whole way across the front of stage. Aaron asked about IRMC paying for something like this. We got $500 from them this year.
Discussion was made on the building of the steps from someone who knows the specks because of the commercial usage. Aaron suggested to put their donation toward the cost. Melissa asked Brad Lichtenfels to see if carpenters union would be willing to do for us.

Parks electric bill. Penelec has changed our usage to medium from small. Their concept was because we used more electric this past year than the prior year so cost went up. It was decided we can pay our own electric and not the Borough.

Melissa has come across extra supplies from a business that was closed. She is giving to Parks for us to use. Michelle also has come across extra food supplies which she will bring to Park.

No other business, meeting adjourned 7:50 PM. Motion to close meeting made by Aaron, 2nd by Michelle. All in Favor motion passed.

Patricia Betts