March 14, 2019
Special Meeting
Bid Decision
Boat Ramp 

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Lou McLaughlin, Calin Gropp

Absent: Clark Baird, Jeffery Miller, Tom Pickup

Meeting was opened Sue Bartow, Vice President

Public present- Melissa Miller

All bids were formally rejected because all were over budgeted amount of $40,000
A meeting with Westmoreland Conservation District and Westmoreland Community Foundation will take place on March 29 at 9 AM to discuss possible additional funding of $15,000 / or to reduce the length of the fencing to reduce the cost of the project.
Lou stated we will have to rebid after March 29 meeting. We are not sure if the bids were with prevailing wages or not since the wide range of pricing came in.
Pat asked if council would consider turning the funds over to Community Foundation so the project could go in as private funding and we would still play a part in the project but the Community Foundaton would handle as private funding rather than the Borough funding to prevent any possible problems. Lou, Calin, Ron and Sue all agreed to do this.

Sue asked if the meeting on the 29th would have to be publicized. Lou said since we will have a regular meeting on April 4th then we can just discuss the events and make a formal decision at our regular meeting.

Pat asked if she can now send reject letters to all bidders. Sue and Lou both said yes go ahead.
Pat also said she received an e-mail from Aaron from Somerset Bank informing us they are coming to the April 4th meeting with a lease agreement to place the ATM at the Borough.

Sue wanted to know if there is any way to get a copy of the Lease Agreement prior to meeting so Jeffery can look it over. Pat said she will ask for one.

Pat asked Melissa if she thought Jeffery could possibly be here for the March 29th meeting. Melissa said she would let him know. This way if Jeffery has any questions they can be answered at that time.

Pat said when she sent off the request for additional funding she also included the like kind match of $15,000 we already have into the project.

Motion to adjourn made 7: 15 PM by Sue 2nd by Lou all in favor, motion carried...

Patricia Betts