Office of Burgess

Whereas, John E. Snyder, a resident and well-known citizen of the Borough of Bolivar, has served in the office of Burgess of the Borough of Bolivar for thirty-two consecutive years, beginning in 1921 and ending in January 1953, and

Whereas, the said John E. Snyder served in the office of Burgess during the said period and performed services to the community faithfully, and

Whereas, the council of the Borough of Bolivar desires to make public recognition of the long service rendered by John E. Snyder.

Now therefore, be it resolved by the Borough of Bolivar in council assembled, and it is hereby resolved by authority of the same.

1. That John E. Snyder, now retiring from the office of Burges, be and is hereby thanked by the council of the Borough of Bolivar for his long, faithful and efficient service to the community of Bolivar and to the citizens thereof.

2. That a certified copy of this Resolution be sent to John E. Snyder at his residence in Bolivar, so that he may keep the same with his papers and to have the same show as recognition for his long and faithful services.

3. That the Secretary of the Borough Council of Bolivar Borough is hereby directed and authorized that this Resolution shall be duly recorded in the Ordinance Book of Bolivar Borough so that due recognition of the long and faithful service of John E. Snyder may be presented for prosperity,.

Resolved in Council the fourth day of January A.D. 1954

Frank Henderson

Council President



Erma McCartney


Donald C Henderson


Original located in Ordinance book page 93 ‚Äč