September 19, 2019

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present:  Pat Betts, Melissa Miller, Ron Betts, Beth Thompson

Absent: Aaron and Michelle Bouch

Public attending: Joe and Pam St Clair, Monica and Tyler Pickup

Meeting came to order 7:00 PM by Beth

Special Guest - Tyler Pickup seeking volunteer time to earn Eagle Scout Badge. Pass out flyer with suggestions to improve lower park.
1. Get better Memorial Plaque (Diane Pickup) - Pam said she would ask her stone mason from her house to use leftover stones from her house as a base
2. To use Richland Plastic to make a new plaque for there and move to better location. We can also do a re-dedication
3. Repair pavilion
4. Repair play structure
5. Get rid of graffiti
6. Repair t-ball benches
7. Clean up overgrowth
Pick top three to do.
Tyler to meet with his Eagle Scout Supervisor for approval and get started.

Motion to approve minutes from Aug 5 and Aug 15 was made by Melissa, 2nd by Beth. Minutes approved.

Treasurer Report for Aug. Motion to approve made by Ron, 2nd by Beth. Treasurer Report approved.

Electric upgrade on parks
Pat said she asked Gilroy Electric for estimates on both locations. Then we can hit the Wagners's for a grant to cover the cost.

Insurance Information on Bouncy Houses: Brian Decker owns the dunking booth and bouncy houses. Pat checked with FWF to see if we could cover. The insurance company said, anything related to amusement parks (this includes bouncy houses) we can purchase a 1 day special event policy to cover the items for a cost of up to $300.

Update on Petting Zoo... Melissa said she contacted a Zoo in Pittsburgh. We can get 3 hrs $950 including ponies. Time set 11-2. Melissa to order for Brickfest 2020

Oct 19th event.
Hayride's confirmed- set up for 4-6 pm. 3 -4 pumpkin carving - 6 -7 maze and bonfire, 7-9 movie.
Melissa to check with company that has Buzz Light Year and Woody for event also.

Beth mentioned that she won't be there for the entire event. She has a cheerleading event that day also. She would have to be there by 5:30 to 6 PM
Beth to contact Jay for hay bales.

Have hot dogs, drinks, popcorn, not sure what other Halloween food items to do.

Pam asked about doing a movie for down there. Pam said Jason will let us use his power.

Pat said her amp is on its last leg. That is why the sound keeps going up and down.

Melissa said to get a new one. Everyone agreed.

Letters for sponsor's for 2020 parks year. Let's get them out now before the end of year. Pat said she has already gotten a vendor for next year brickfest, and also the park is rented out for next year for a family reunion.

Pat asked about cancelling the Port-a-johns. Upper one cancel now and the lower park one after Oct 19 event.

Nothing else to discuss, motion to adjourn made by Beth 8:30 PM


Patricia Betts