October 17, 2019

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present Pat Betts, Melissa Miller, Ron Betts, Joe and Pam St Clair

Absent: Aaron and Michelle Bouch, Beth Thompson

Meeting called to order 7:10 PM

Motion to approve minutes from Sept 19 was made by Melissa, 2nd by Ron. Minutes approved.

Treasurer Report for Sept. Motion to approve made by Melissa, 2nd by Ron. Treasurer Report approved.

Old Business:
Upgrade of electric at both parks. Pat awaiting estimate from Gilroy Electric. Requested to have two separate estimates done. Will also look into getting another estimate.

Set up for Fun Day. Start at 11 AM at concession stand to pick up tables and drinks from there to take to lower park. Melissa said she would try to get her son to help out. Jeffery should be home without a problem.

Movie for Fun day. Set up between trees. Should be tall enough to not interfere with any branches.

Food Items for Fun Day Melissa said she has hot dogs, chili, hot chocolate, and apple cider, bags of chips, soda, snicker bars, nachos and cheese. Melissa said she to donate the apple cider. Also popcorn machine for the movie. Saturday morning she driving to pie shop to get other stuff.
Cost of food items: $.50 cents for sodas, hug jugs, and snicker bars. $1.00 hot choc, and apple cider, and water. $1.50 for hot dogs with sauerkraut, and chili, and $1.00 for hot dogs only. Nachos and Cheese $2.00. Bowl of chili $2.00 Bags of popcorn $1.00

The bonfire will be set up in the parking lot area behind the Quonset hut so any sparks will not hit anything. Hay bales will be placed in the grass around the movie area and kids can either use them or throw blankets on ground so they not sitting directly on ground.

Food tables to set up in corner of park next to Handicap area.
Glenn McMaster is giving us a generator to use for the food.

The hayride location. Pat talked to Misty Haven and informed they can park their trailer down at the Quonset hut and drive around the block area. Discussion was made on the travel route for the hayrides.

Woody and Buzz Lightyear will mingle among the people and kids throughout the event day.

Pumpkins for carving. We gave away 20 pumpkins last year and 4 of those were sold because we over purchased. So far this year we have 10 kids sign up. Pat to get 23 pumpkins. Pumpkin carving to be held under the Pavilion area. Weather to be nice.

Pat said she got 2 rolls stamps – 1 for sponsorship letters for 2020 and 1 for general use.
Melissa needs to go over the letter for sponsorship to see if any other changes need to be made before mailing.

The new amplifier is now in. Paid $222.00 for the system with 3 year warranty. Purchased form New Egg through the Borough on their account and transferred the funds from parks back to general Borough account to cover the cost.

Pat to pull the Ligonier Endowment Grant to see exactly what we applied for and what is left for the rest of the year.

At next meeting in November we need to plan for 2020 event year.
Melissa wanted to know if we wanted to do a Pie sale for Thanksgiving. It was decided not to do pie sale.

Pat finally got the price for Home Town Hero flags. We can do ourselves or go with the Legion and split the profit. Price is 30-to 70 flags will cost $70. For flag and $59.00 for brackets. Total cost is $129.00. We can sell for $150. Also can set up time payments of $ 50. for 3 months to cover their cost of flag. We need photo of individual, rank, and branch of service. 

Melissa made motion to do flags and see if Legion wants to go in with us to do it.
It was suggested to try to put up Christmas flags under the street lights. Pat suggested to do Wreaths. Will look into the cost of making the wreaths.
Melissa made motion to check on cost of making wreaths. Ron 2nds. Motion passed. Pat said at most should cost between 50 to 75 dollars for each.

Tyler, Boy Scout project. Nothing heard about it yet.

Melissa said she has a check for Parks for the 8 pizzas her kids had used.

Nothing else to discuss, motion to adjourn made by Ron at 8:05 PM. Melissa 2nd. Motion passed.


Patricia Betts