Sept 1 2022

Bolivar Borough

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Lou McLaughlin 7 PM


 Keith St.Clair, Ron Betts, Lou McLaughlin, Sue Bartow, Jeffery Miller, Clark Baird, Mayor, Gladine McMaster

Absent: none

Public - Cassie & Zach Burtop, Sheri Burtop, Bill Hughes, Melissa Miller, Arch Dodson, SR

Approval of Minutes from Aug 4th, 2022.

After review motion to approve made by Keith, 2nd by Lou, all in favor motion carried.

Treasurer Report

Clark commented about one of the ad's for the CDBG.  He was surprised it cost $900 for the ad. 

Sue asked about start up funds for Brickfest from Aug 15th. Where did the money come from.  Wanted to know if came from the $2500 that council gave back in January.  Pat said no, it was from our own fund raisers throughout the year and the start up funds were re-deposited when Brickfest was over. 

Motion to approve treasurer report made by Keith, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed.

Solicitor report. Nothing

Public comment.

Arch Dodson was complaining about the crushed line on 5th St between McKinley and Lincoln.  He said over the past 30 plus years he has had water problems.  He said when Bill Hughes fixed the storm inlet at McKinley several years ago it was decided not to fix the broken line where it had been marked when a camera of the pipe was done.  The drain takes the water until we have a heavy rain then runs over. He said he ran around town looking at other curbs and said that was not the case.  With no curb by Zach's house, water goes into the alley behind Zach's and runs into his house.  I was out with sand bags trying to control the water.  My basement is finished, I have thousands of dollars of items down there. He wants it fixed.  He said there is only 2 alternatives that I see..

1. Fix the broken pipes now that was started years ago or

2.  Put curb in from McKinley Street to Lincoln Street.

He understands that the 5th street project is to be done in phases.  It may be several years yet before the project reaches my location.  Same thing happened at 5th & Washington.  You dug it up and never fixed the problem and covered it back up.  Now the water goes down into his basement and also down to 5th & Washington and blows out.  if it had been fixed properly this would not be happening. 

Low asked how long ago that Arch Sr was on council and why did you not have it fixed then.  Arch reply was council did not want to spend the money to do it.

Lou said we have on the agenda the problem and we have been talking about it and a decision is to be made tonight on the problem. 

Bill Hughes commented that when he fixed the drain on McKinley  we also have the line blown out so it flowed through the system. 

Jeffery said the last time the streets were paved was in the late 90's. 

Lou said it will take about 5 ton of asphalt to put curb in the whole way down the street.  Lou said we are going to try to take care of the problem.  He doesn't want to hear what happened before. 

No one else in public had anything to say.

Old business:

Update on the 2020 CDBG - 1st and Lincoln Street inlet.

Pat said hasn't heard anything else from Curry and Kepple on when the drain will be in. 

Lou said Ed stated at the last meeting it would take 4 weeks to get the drain in and still nothing. 

Jeffery  said we gave them an extension until August 19th and still nothing done.  Jeffery suggested to ask McCormick Taylor and let them know they are beyond their extension. 

Discussion was made on the length of extension and the issue with getting the storm inlet. 

Sue suggested for Jeffery to contact Curry and Kepple and engineers.  Jeffery requested the information so he could send out a letter to Curry and Kepple and McCormick Taylor to find a solution or be sued. 

Arch wanted to say something about Curry & Kepple and their current project.  The drains were not put in correctly..  They did not shoot for water drainage. 

Lou said the water goes into the drains.  We have a video on the water.  Arch still complaining  about how the drains are either above the road or not slanted properly.  He also said the curb they are putting in on McKinley St is not needed and a waste.    Lou said it was part of the CDBG contract.  Arch said it is not even straight.

Update on water damage claim for office. 

Pat said the restoration company has been working since May on the damage.  Each section they remove the carpeting, and floor boards under them they find more mold on the sub-floor.  They then have to stop and treat the sub floor, let it dry before they can move forward. 

They now have managed to the back office and back section of building where the Borough worker has his office area.  Pat said possibly another two months before they are finished. 

Update on High Grass issues- Mayor

Clark said the old Quonset hut at Lincoln was taken care of.  More work still needs done at the Stumble Inn.  

Jeffery said there is another problem area by Bechtold's old place.  Sue commented across the street at Lana Gayle's place. 

Keith said he had a question concerning dogs running at large.  He thought they were supposed to be on a leash for better control.  Keith also said we have older people walking the streets and they have a concern about possibly getting bit or jumped on.  Keith said he will get you several names and addresses for the Mayor to send out notices.  Pat said we do have an Ordinance on this matter and will get to Mayor. 

Update on HP street sign at Diane Gropp's residence. 

Mayor said he was informed last night that she has the sign now and just needs the borough worker to put the sign in. 

Pat said we do have the stencil for the wheel chair sign and we just need to get the paint for the road. 

Update on American Rescue Plan remaining funds. 

Pat said she talked to Harrisburg on this and was told the funds should be released sometime either the first or 2nd week of September. 

Sue asked if we could use the funds for engineer fees also.  Pat said if dealing with the roads then yes. 

HOP documents for Market Street (Restoration and Maintenance Bond & Resolution.)

Pat received from curry & Kepple the following items.

1. Bid proposal agreement

2. Performance Bond

3.  Payment Bond.

4.  Liability Insurance - also it does expire in October of this year.

County to set up a pre-construction meeting with Curry & Kepple, Apex, County  and Borough council.  At this time frame we will have Curry & Kepple sign the Notice to Proceed document and they to start within 10 days from the signing of this document. 

Lou signed the Resolution and the Restoration & Maintenance Bond.  It will cost the Borough $575.00 for a $50,000 bond because of the length of the bore under Market Street.  We also must keep the Bond for the next 3 years after completion of the project.  Without these documents we cannot have the HOP permit issued and then cannot complete the project. 

We also have to appoint Katie Bolden from Apex as agent on behalf of the Borough to get the HOP permit. 

Anything else on old business.

New Business:

2023 CDBG application - deadline Sept 30, 2022

Lou said everyone knows we are currently using Apex and we would like to change engineer's for future business.

Jeffery  said we are under no obligation to stick with Apex.  We can hire or fire any engineer firm as we see fit.

Lou said we have GAI consultants contract .  This is the company that Keith Vasas went with.  His estimated fee is up to $5,000.  Motion needs to be made to take on GAI consultants.

Sue motions to take on GAI consultants for our next 2023 CDBG project.  Keith 2nds, all in favor motion passed.

Lou signed the contract and Pat to notify Keith to move forward with the filing. 

Cost estimate for tires for zero turn mower. 

Ron said he got a cost estimate from Sowers for the tire.  $432.92  It was suggested to also check with Carmen's Tire out of Johnstown, and also Pristows', where we purchased the Zero turn from. 

Exhaust fan for Quonset hut

Ron and Zach tried to get the exhaust fan to work and found the motor was burnt out.  Cost to replace from Lowes is $109.00 and going from 13 inch to 18 inch fan. 

Keith asked if we were better off to getting a bigger fan for there.  Ron said we are.  Ron said the new one comes with a thermostat.

Gladine motions to get new fan from Lowes, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed.

Storm water pipes between 5th & Lincoln and 5th & McKinley Street.

Lou said he did talk to his brother  who said a company out of Ligonier is just getting started, Knupp Contracting, who has a walk behind curb machine.  Get estimate on the cost. 

Sue said she spoke to Chad from COG and they would come in with a camera and also the clean out truck for $227 per hour. 

Bill said he and Tim and Zach checked out the invisible drain by the Legion.  The water drain through the pipes even though the pipe is broke.  The drain across Market Street is clogged up but the drain we just discovered works.  However, somewhere between Market Street and Shaffer Street the line is plugged.

He also checked the drain at Shaffer and Water and the water flows beautifully.

Bill said he can come across 3rd street and replace the broken pipe.  Won't need HOP permit since on Borough property. 

Jeffery discussed just to put curb in along McKinley & Lincoln at 5th Street as the best temporary solution. 

Keith recommends to get estimate for curbing and go this route for now.

Sue commented that the cost for just camera is $185. and with recommendation from John Speidel they cannot do with fire hose and to get the jetter also from COG.

Lou read letter from John Speidel on his property and also the fire dept property he wrote from the rain storm of Aug 21.

Due to the heavy rain the curb that was in place by his house was washed away and now the water runs into his driveway. He would like his curb redone to prevent this from happening again.

Also on Aug 21st due to heavy rain the water crossed the center line at Market Street and flooded out the fire station. 

Lou said when they built the fire station they built it below the road and now they get water on heavy rain days.  When Zach was in the storm inlet to try to clean out it was plugged across the road.  If COG can get it opened then the water would flow through and not overflowing. 

Boone said there are no floor drains at the fire station.

The fire company also said they could try to flush out the drain at Boones.   

Areas to have COG look at, 7th & Lincoln, 3rd & Market at Legion, 5th & McKinley. 

Keith motions to cap off at $1200 for COG to camera and jet the streets.  Lou 2nd the motion,  all in favor motion passed.  

LSA Program grant progress. 

Pat said she spoke to Harrisburg and they originally presented to us to pay $42,000 our share on the $1,000,000 grant. They also had 2 questions.  I could not answer so I contact Keith.  With his answers to the questions our proposal was upgraded to reflect the grant is to cover 100% of the costs.  This includes the engineer fees.  We have 1 more review to go through.  We will know sometime in November whether we get the LSA grant to cover the main lines on Washington, and Lincoln St and Shaffer St which also includes storm inlets. 

Any other business to discuss.  Nothing at this time.

Mayor Report

Clark wanted to know if the Borough worker can trim the trees on 6th & Washington St.  Ed Pease is complaining he cannot see any cars coming up the street.  

Sue said she told Ed Pease when you get back to come see me and we will cut them back.  Sue got permission from the home owner to cut.  Sue said he never contacted her back so she is not doing it. 

Clark said just cut it even with the fence.  Lou also said there is a tree across from Jean Pahach that hangs over the street. 

Zach to cut even with the fence.  Lou said we are not going to landscape for them. 

Clark said also the tree by the drugstore needs trimmed.  Lou asked if it is in our right away.  Clark said the cars are getting hit by the tree.

Sewage Report:   

Sue said no meeting yet.

Street Commissioner Report  

Ron said 24 hours on zero turn, used 24.8 gallons gas plus 1 gallon of gas for burning limbs

.31 gallons for push mower.  Have 965 miles on truck and put 27.7 gallons diesel in truck. 

254 miles on truck from last fill.

Pat said the inspection is due on truck this month.  Also have a recall on the wiper blades.  According to MFG. possibility of blades to fly off the truck.  Awaiting notice to proceed for recall.

Parks & Rec-  

Have concert Sept 11, movie Sept 17   Had a successful Brickfest.  Made more money this year.  Playground is in we are working on getting it installed.  Thank you everyone for your help and support of the Brickfest.

No other business.  Motion to adjourn made by Keith 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed to adjourn at 8:20 PM.


Patricia Betts