Sept 15 
​​​​​​​Parks Minutes

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Melissa Miller at 7:05 PM


 Ron Betts, Pat Betts, Melissa Miller, Brittney Miller and Brittany Hughes

Absent:  Aaron Bouch, Michelle Bouch

Public Attendance:  Everett Saxton, Bill Hughes

Approval of July regular meeting minutes.

Motion made to approve July minutes made by Brittney Hughes, 2nd by Brittney Miller, all in favor motion passes.

Bill Hughes said he had a problem with the minutes.  He stated Aaron called him with a problem dealing with the SGOC tickets that the cemetery.  Aaron wanted to know if Pat was approved to make decisions for the Cemetery Board and the SGOC account.    Bill also said that Pat was approved to make decisions and we are not going to notify everyone on the board every time something needs to be done.  Bill is the President and Pat has the approval to get the SGOC license and if Pat wanted to have a fund raiser and sponsor the Parks & Recreation there is no reason she cannot do this.  He cannot understand why people who don't want to be involved or know what goes on has to complain. 

Melissa said that Aaron told her it was someone on the cemetery board who placed the complaint.  She also said it was several people in community that were questioning it.  Melissa said she then went to Pat and asked her about it.  She also said it was people that had family buried in the cemetery that asked why the cemetery was sponsoring a ticket for the parks. 

Bill said if that is the case, he would recommend that we don't do this for you anymore. 

Melissa said back that we on parks did not question Pat it was others in the community. 

Bill also said that Parks is a government entity and cannot have an SGOC license.  He has no problem with helping out parks for a fund raiser with our SGOC license.  It benefits both agencies. 

Bill said if it wasn't for Pat and Ron the cemetery would still be back in the stone age.  They have worked hard in bringing the records up to date. 

He said also that when he talked to Aaron, the message was relayed by his wife.  Now we have more people relying left out or twisted.  This is where the problem arises. 

If Pat wants to help out the parks by sponsoring a fund raiser that is fine with him.  She doesn't need anyone's approval to do this.  We are a small town and we need everyone help in getting funds.

He asked how much money was raised by the parks from the Brickfest and how much was raised by the Cemetery from there also for the sale of the pull tickets. 

Pat explained that the pull ticket money raised for the cemetery was $1,027.00 and the basket party tickets raised for the parks was $4,193.00

We also are taking 50 % of the 50/50 tickets from all the concerts this year.  We made a total of $719.00 so far. 

Melissa said if there is going to be a problem then she will go to the Legion and asked them to sponsor a ticket for them.  Bill again said there is no problem with Pat sponsoring a ticket for parks. 

Approval of treasurer report for July and August

Melissa said the only problem is the August report where check # 393 is made out to Jeffery Miller for reimbursement.  Melissa said that Jeffery picked up the order but the check was made out to Melissa since she paid for it.  That is the only thing that needs to be fixed. 

Motion made to approve treasurer reports made by Brittney Miller, 2nd by Brittney Hughes.  all in favor motion passed.

Melissa asked if we had any wrist bands left from the bouncy houses. 

Pat said yes, we have lots left over and can be used next year. 

Brittney H asked about the shirts for the bricktoss if we had any of those left over as well. 

Everett, He had a car show question.  He wanted to know if the trophies were figured out.  Pat said that the several issues that came up were worked out. 

Melissa said someone told her about several items.  one was the signs to get to the car show.  Pat said the signs were not put where they should be placed. 

The entrance and exit should be a little different.  Some people wanted to know how to get here and someone from LaMantia's told them to just follow the music. 

Also, after all cars have been registered if any plaques are left over then we can sell them during the event if people want to buy them. 

Melissa suggested for next year we should try to get a car dealer to sponsor the event.  Purchase the trophies and plaques with their name going on the trophies and on the plaques. 

Her other suggestion is everyone loved the Brickfest champion shirts.  If she can get someone to sponsor the shirts then we can have their logo on the shirts as well.  We could also sell Brickfest shirts. 

Also, a concern was the petting zoo.  We paid more for the food than for the animals.  We paid $350 for the animals and $200 for the food because we did not want any child to not be able to feed the animals just because their parents could not afford to pay for the food.  We ended up paying for 70 cups of food for the animals. 

Brittney said the animals were not eating when she went up there.  They acted like they were comatose. 

Melissa said it was her fault that it ended up like this.  No-one ever knew it was going to cost more for the food than the animals. 

The only other issue is the Long Road Home Band.  They came to us back in May and said they could set up their equipment for us to use all day since they were the last band for the day.  They also called the "Anything Goes Band" and said they could also use their equipment.  Not once did they ever say it would be an additional cost for this.  The Long Road Home Band contacted Aaron just a couple weeks before the Brickfest and said it would cost us $1000. Not once did they ever say the entire summer that it would be an additional cost of $500 just to use their equipment.    They will not be asked to come back again because of this. 

Melissa said this is just her suggestions and changes for the event.  The one thing we do need is extra help.    Even just an hour or two would be a great help. 

Old Business

Brickfest results.

Everyone received a copy of the results.  This year Brickfest profit was $5,900.61 and compared to last year Brickfest we made $1,461.36 more this year. 

We were able to get the playground equipment piece for the lower park with the help of the ticket that was sponsored by the Cemetery with their SGOC license

Update on playground equipment set up. 

Brittney Miller said planning on this upcoming weekend Sept 17th to take down the old playground equipment and the following week put up the new one as long as the weather is good. 

Update on any new grants.

Brittney Miller said she has not applied lately for any new grants. 

Update on mulch for the lower playground. 

Brittney Miller checked with the logging company on 22 by Blairsville and they are quoting $2,000 for the soft mulch required to be placed under the park equipment.  We must have at least 6 to 8 inches of soft mulch under the equipment to make it legal. 

New Business

Resignations of both President and Vice Presidents of the parks board. 

Pat read each resignation letters for both Aaron and Michelle Bouch.  Because of their schedules and not being able to make meetings and functions they are stepping down from their roles on the board.  They both still will help out when they can with parks and also to sell tickets for us. 

Motion to accept their resignations made by Brittney Miller and 2nd by Brittney Hughes, all in favor motion passed.

Melissa motioned to put Brittney Miller in as President, 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.

Melissa motioned to put Brittney Hughes in as Vice President, 2nd by Brittney Miller, all in favor motion passed.

Halloween park set up date.

Discussion was made and all agreed to set up October 9th starting at 2 PM. 

Movie pick for Halloween at Legion

Several movie names were suggested but no decision was made.  Melissa said she would check out Swank Motion Pictures web site and get back to everyone.

Set up for Halloween at Legion dates and times

Discussion was made and Melissa said she was going to contact Gwen at Legion to decide when to set up. 

Melissa also said that Pat & Ron do not need to use their decorations this year because Gwen was given $1000 to purchase the decorations since they would like to start their own collections. 

Money limit for our share of Halloween candy and Decorations.

Brittney Miller motioned to limit $300 for candy and decorations for the event, 2nd by Melissa.  all in favor motion passed.

Pumpkin carving signup sheet and cost per person.

Signup sheet for pumpkin carving will be located at LaMantia's and Brickyard Cafe same as last year. 

Also $5.00 deposit per child to sign up and when you show up on carving day you will get your $5.00 back.  All those who do not show up will forfeit their $5.00 deposit.

Brittney Miller to check on getting possibly for free. 

Next meeting will be November 17th 7 PM. 

Any other business:

Melissa asked how we go about getting golf carts to shuttle older folks aground to get their cars.  Jim Bechtold has one and we can also use side by sides.  This is something to look into for next year as well. 

Brittney Miller suggested we get 2 gift cards at $25 each for the photographer (Jason Miller) and (Kristen) for blow up race.  They both graciously gave their time and costs for the Parks and paid for everything they did. 

Motion made to purchase the $25 gift cards made by Brittney Miller, 2nd by Melissa, all in favor motion passed.

Melissa asked Pat if Olivia could take over the facebook page for parks.  She will do everything, post photos and do all updates and ads.  It's something she can do to help out parks. 

Also consider parks getting "Welcome to Bolivar" signs at each end of town.  Need to check for pricing. 

No other business, motion made by Brittney Miller and 2nd by Melissa to adjourn at 8:05 PM. 


Patricia Betts