This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Sue Bartow, Clark Baird, Mark Scribe, Solicitor Jeff Miller, and Mayor Tom Pickup
Absent- Ron Betts.
Public Attendance - Ligonier Echo - Alexander Ashcroft, Dan Short, JR, Pam and Joe StClair, Beth Thompson, Bill Rigby

Meeting called to order at 7 PM by Amy.

Aug 3 - Regular Meeting Minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve was made by Clark with correction about absent council from Aug 3 meeting and 2nd by Sue. All approved.

Aug 3- Treasurer report was reviewed. Motion to approve was made by Clark and 2nd by Sue. All approved.

Solicitor Report - Jeffery said Ordinance for Parks and Rec. is completed. Council needs to review and authorize for advertising. Jeffery said to consider the Ordinance a draft and to let him know of any changes council wishes to make and he will change.

Sue questioned the amount of board members in the Ordinance. Jeffery said he kept it as low as the law requires because it would be hard enough to get 5 members. They can have up to 7 members. Sue also question meeting time period. Asked if they could meet monthly rather than quarterly. Jeffery said yes.

Let Jeffery know before the next meeting if council has any changes to be made.
Sue made motion to Advertise the Recreation Board Ordinance. Clark 2nd motion, all approved.

Public comment. - Joe StClair- asked why there are 6 entries for Berkheimer in the General fund. Pat explained when Berkheimer receives funds from employers they must disburse the funds to us. He also questioned entry for Leventry, Haschak, & Rodkey - June and July legal fees. Pat explained that was our Solicitor fees for the past two months. Mr. StClair also questioned the gas & oil drilling fees. Pat explained this was the ACT 13 fees we receive yearly from the State government. This is a tax that is being charged for gas drilling. The funds are only used for certain items such as public safety, or roads. The amount that is set aside for this is accumulative for the past several years. Mr. StClair asked if the fund could be used to put an oil or gas well in property the Borough owns. The response was No. He had no further questions.

Amy asked Beth Thompson if she had anything to say, No nothing. Went on to Dan Short, He also had nothing to say, as well as Pam St Clair. Bill Rigby came in later.

Amy said next item on agenda was the garage ligation. Jeffery said nothing new at this time.

Next, BCS Construction update. Amy read the letter from Jeffery, advising us of the outcome. PENNDOT stated the Borough must reimburse the Liquid Fuels account $ 6348.66 that was overpaid to BCS Construction that is unaccounted for. PENNDOT has reviewed the documentation from BCS on items requested and has readjusted the Project Completion Report to show that only $5,158.15 was approved to be spent on the project and the remaining balance of the $6348.66 must be repaid from the General Fund before the end of the fiscal year. Sue motion to approve transfer of funds back to liquid fuels account , Clark and Mark both 2nd. Council approved for Pat to transfer the funds back into the liquid fuels account as requested by PENNDOT.
We will start paying street lights from the liquid fuels account again until the funds have been used, so we really are not losing anything. Jeffery also suggested that Pat write a letter to BCS Construction to inform them of the final decision and close the project out for good.

Next on agenda. Resolution on issuing Park Permits. Jeffery did not get this done. Place on agenda for next month.

Up next. Drain on 5th street. Two bids were received for this project.
     1. Bid from Dean's Drain Service. Estimate to fix storm drain pipes on 5th street. Will saw cut street approx 25 feet long and 3 feet wide and replace the broken/ clogged pipe under the street. All dirt that is dug out under street will be hauled away and replaced with 2A modified stone and tamped in up to road level.
Total cost: labor $2000.00 Materials $600.00 Stone$1200.00 additional labor $1000. Asphalt Street $2500.00 Total $4800 w/o asphalt. Total $7300.00 with asphalt.
     2. Bid from Hughes Excavating.
5th Street drain project. Cut asphalt 3 feet by 20 feet. Excavate area approx 5 feet deep. Remove damaged pipe and replace with N 12 pipe and stainless band clamps. Back fill with 2a stone and tamp. Clean up disturbed area and lay asphalt.
Total cost: Machine / operator $1600.00 Truck $720.00 Labor $400.00 Saw cut road $375.00 pipe and clamps $383.00 2a stone $600.00 Asphalt $800.00 total cost $4878.00
Clark made motion to accept Hughes Excavating to do the project. Sue 2nd. All approved.

Next on agenda. Update on police coverage. Ron not here and he was appointed to represent everyone on the police contract. Council agreed to table the subject until next meeting because Ron is not here.

Next on agenda. Independent Baptist Church exemption request with county. Pat stated the county said they would only exempt the church portion and they would still be held accountable for the apartment above. The Pastor, said the tenant possibly is going to move out so they could make upstairs apartment into class rooms. County said when this happens then they could totally be exempt, but for now they are sending out an appraiser to verify how much property is exempt and how much is still required to be taxed.

Next, update on Fire Department flushing of drain lines at 2nd and Water and by Short's property. Mark said they are to get together Monday Sept 11 at 9 AM to do the flushing and possibly the drain by station hill. Mark also said they came across a pit covered by a board that has valves in it. Not sure who that belongs to.

New business: Next meeting to be held Thursday Oct 5 7PM.

Legion would like permit to close 3rd street between Washington and Market street as well as the alley behind the Legion running from 2nd to 3rd street from noon until 7 PM on Saturday Sept 9. Clark motion to approve closure, Mark 2nd. all approved.

Next agenda item. Set up dates in October for Budget workshop. All agreed to come in 1 hour before next meeting to start the budget work shop. Jeffery also mentioned that CDBG funding is ending, so council needs to also take this into consideration when doing the budget for any future projects.

Municipal lien filing for 2017. Pat asked if council wanted to hold off until next month or get the figures together this month. It was decided to wait another month and then get figures together.

Merry-go-round has gotten broken again at the lower park. Pat is responding for Ron on this. Ron is asking council approval to spend approx $150.00 to get a new axel and bearings for it and also to have it relocated to upper playground where it can be monitored better. Speaking to a lot of parents, they won't let their kids go to lower playground because of the needles and other items found there since the playground is not monitored. The axle was snapped off at the bottom of the ground so at least there is nothing sticking out for anyone to get hurt on.  Amy asked what the cost of a new merry-go round would be. Pam spoke up and said in the catalogs they run approx 3 to 4 thousand dollars or more. Borough worker already has it covered up with dirt. He to try and dig down some and cut off if possible. The old axle is in the ground approx 6 feet and is filled with concrete so there is no way to pull it out. Clark motion to approve Ron for merry-go-round repairs up to $150.00 and Mark and Sue 2nd motion. Also ok to move to upper playground.

Amy asked if there is any more business before she gets to letters. Pat brought up another subject from Voter Registrar. They want contact information for the upcoming election. Tom said he would be one of the contacts.

Also playground project is completed. Olivia Miller spent some of her personal funds for the kids. She is asking for reimbursement on this. total amount $33.12. Clark motion to pay and Sue 2nds. All approved. She also wanted to know if we heard back from the county on any reimbursement for the project since we paid for 6 weeks and we only had 5 weeks. Amy said nothing yet.

Letters: Westmoreland County dirt and gravel grant. Must attend training class before you can be considered for the grant. Cecilia Sisitki is only person listed as having the training. she is from Tri community Sewage Authority. Borough to look into a closer training site to apply for a grant from them.
Bill going to several training classes that is offered. He is signed up with Marks approval. We also received a Defensive Driving Training class. Need to check if one is closer and then have him attend. Tom interested in the Drug and Alcohol training class that is coming up.

Amy asked about any other new business. Clark wanted to know why PENNDOT did not tar and chip through the Borough. Pat said she asked the District 12 representative and never got an answer.

Sewage Committee: Sue said they are working the road and drain project. That's about it.

Mayors Report. Nothing at this time.

Street Commissioner Report. Mark said he picked up tar, brush for tar. He also planning on doing the potholes this upcoming week. He spent $187.27. for this. Amy said the council already approve up to $1000. for spending on tools and supplies. Mark requesting approval for a self propelled mower to do the banks at the park. He not sure of the price. Chain saw, we need and no longer have. Tom said he will donate his to Borough. He no longer uses it. Gas was purchased this past month. 334.6 gallons were delivered. Also requesting a dumpster for Quonset hut. Jeffery said to use his at his house and also at the store. Just place a little at a time so not to fill up quickly. Clark also said we could use his. At least for now we have an option of several dumpsters. Mark to also ask Lamantia's if they could use theirs.
Mark also brought up renting an auger to help clean out drains. Ron priced from States Rental in Indiana. $45.-4 hrs / $55. - 8 hrs. $65.00 for 24 hrs. Sue wanted to know what drains would be done. Mark said after the flushing on Monday what drains wouldn't open up by flushing could be augured. Drain cover at Station hill needs covered. The ones we have extra of will not fit. Currently put a cone or road barrier (saw horse) across the drain so no-one can fall into it. Jeffery also said possible have Bill Hughes look at it to see what needs to be done. Lights for in Quonset hut. Bulbs are blown out only have two. Need to use doors opened to be able to see.

Mark was looking at Harbor Freight and they have several lights strung together. Need at least two string sets to be able to see. Jeffery will pick up in Johnstown for Mark. Pat to send Jeffery tax exemption form to use. Mark also mention getting peg board for tool hanging. Borough Truck, locking gas cap no longer works. Mark to get a new one at Advance Auto.

Sidewalk at Borough building- tripping hazard. Need broke up and redone. Bill can redo. Also need contractor size bags for parks. Skid steer bucket has several holes that need fixed. Bill to also check on spreader for winter to ensure working. This will be done after the asphalt is gotten.

Parks and Rec. -- nothing yet.

Pat asked if ok to give Beth her keys this evening to the Borough so she can start doing things again. Everyone said it ok to give tonight.

Sue said there were some things that was going around about the previous Parks Committee they would have to complete a Right to Know form to review documentation on it. Jeffery asked if this was in reference to the Small Games of Chance. Jeffery explained that some things were done under our EIN number without council approval that could come back on them. This is why we currently have to do what we are with the Ordinance.

Mark motioned to adjourn at 8:00. Clark 2nd. All approved.


Patricia Betts