Ordinance # 002

Snow and Ice removal

from sidewalks in town

An Ordinance for better safety and convenience of pedestrians within the Borough of Bolivar, making it unlawful to permit accumulations of snow or ice, on roofs, sidewalks, Etc, so as to endanger or impede pedestrians, imposing a duty to remove such snow or ice, upon certain persons, and providing penalties for the violation of this Ordinance.

Be it ordained and enacted by the Council of Borough of Bolivar, County of Westmoreland, State of Pennsylvania, it is hereby ordained and enacted by Authority of the same, as follows.

Section 1: It shall be unlawful to permit snow or ice to remain upon the sidewalk, within the Borough of Bolivar, for a period longer than (12) twelve hours, after the same shall have fallen or formed, provided that snow falling or ice forming, after (6) six o'clock in the evening, shall be removed at any time, before (6) sic o'clock PM the next day, or to permit snow to lie upon the roofs of any building, or icicles to form in such quantities, s to endanger the safety of persons passing along the sidewalk.

Section II. The duty of keeping the sidewalks and roofs clear of snow and ice, as provided in Section I, hereby shall be upon the person, occupying the premises; and if the premises are not occupied, the duty shall be upon the persons using or owning the same.

Section III. If any person shall upon conviction, be sentenced to pay a fine, of not less than $2.00 (two Dollars) nor more than $10.00 (ten dollars), together with the costs, and in default of the payment of such fines and costs, he shall be imprisoned in the Borough's Lock- up for a period not exceeding (5) five days. In addition to forgoing penalties, the person violating any of these provisions of this Ordinance shall pay the cost of removing, said snow or ice, by Street-Commissioner together with 10% (ten percent) additional as a penalty to be recovered as fines and penalties are by law recoverable.

Ordained and enacted by the Council of the Borough of Bolivar, this 6th (6) day of March AD 1922

C.W. Hammond

President of Council

J. E Snyder

Chief Burgess


J.E. Robertson

Secretary of Council

 Original ordinance on file in ordinance book page 7