Shortage of Natural

Gas from Peoples

Natural Gas Co

Whereas, the economy and well- being of Bolivar Borough and its residents is dependent upon adequate supply of energy, and

Whereas, by virtue of a shortage in the supply of natural gas available from interstate suppliers, the Peoples Natural Gas Company, supplier of natural gas to Bolivar Borough has discontinued new or additional service to businesses, industry and new residential sales, and

Whereas, the gas supply shortage is alleged to have been caused, impart, by regulating restrictions, legislative delays and unrealistic price setting.

Therefore be it Resolved, that the Congress of the United States and the Federal Power commission are hereby urged to take immediate steps to enact appropriate legislation and establish whatever policies and procedures or to render whatever decisions are necessary to encourage the existing gas shortage.

This Resolution enacted this 2nd day of October 1972, by the Council of Bolivar Borough, of Bolivar Pennsylvania

J. Conrad Gamble

President of Council

Frank B Gibson



James E Lichtenfels

Secretary ‚Äč