Request Liquid Fuels

Funds to Improve


To The Commissioners of Westmoreland County

Therefore be it resolved, that we the Officials of Bolivar Borough, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania is regular session assembled on this 2nd day of October 1972, do hereby make application to the County Commissioners of Westmoreland County for an allocation of County Liquid Fuel Tax Funds in the amount of $700.00 to be used in the improvement of resurfacing Third Street from Market Street to Water Street which is approximately 500 Ft. long and 20 ft. wide with 1 1/2 " ID-2 Binder and 1" FJ-1 Wearing Course, estimated total cost of project is $3,000.

Duly adopted on October 2, 1972

J. Conrad Gamble

President of Council

Frank B Gibson



James E Lichtenfels

Secretary ‚Äč