November 19



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Aaron and Michelle Bouch, Melissa Miller, Ron and Pat Betts
Absent: Beth Thompson
Meeting called to order by Aaron Bouch.

Approval of August, Sept, and Oct minutes. Motion to approve minutes made by Melissa, 2nd by Aaron. All in favor motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer report for August, Sept, and Oct Motion to approve made by Melissa, 2nd by Aaron. All in favor motion passed.

Update on Fun Day Results.
Hayrides- brought in $230.00
Regular donations : $ 201.50
Donation of extra drinks and pumpkins $35.00
Private donation $ 10.00
Food Sales $72.00
Expense for hayrides $400.00
cost of pumpkins $ 292.00
60 extra pumpkin carving kits $58.80
food supplies $33.42

Everyone was very well pleased with the events. Legion donation of upstairs hall was a big hit.

We also received a $500 donation from VFW Robinson.

We need to discuss if we are having Santa visiting this year because of Covid.
Melissa suggested to still have but have Santa standing and waving.
Discussion was made. Ron motioned to cancel and Michelle 2nd. Results are listed below.

Michelle, Aaron, Ron and Pat all agreed to cancel this year. The rise of Covid is a very serious situation and a concern right now. Also decided to cancel the sleigh rides this year. Melissa still thinks we should do it. Since everyone decided to cancel Melissa will donate the candy that was given to her to the Legion who is still holding their event.

Aaron said the fire department is still having Santa ride around on the 24th. Aaron mentioned the fire dept. patrolled for Halloween and will do Christmas because Santa rides around in the truck and waves.

Ron said we still need help to decorate the park. Decision was made to meet on Nov 30th at noon and December 4th around 1 PM if weather permits. Ron said we had to purchase a new Santa. The old one had a hole in it that we could not repair and the motor stops off and on.

We are still doing Santa Letters so make sure everyone knows this.

Wrap up on Pizza coupon sales. Right now I have 22 additional pizzas that I have to pay to Pizza Post. All coupons expire Dec 31 this year.

Next meeting will be Dec 17th, 7 PM

Sponsorship letters for 2021. Melissa says we just need to change the date. Will use same letter as last year. She to start working on them.

Dates for events for 2021.

So Far: May 30th, Boomers from 5 - 7 PM
June 13 need to book ?
July 18, band called Havoc -- classic rock music
Aug 14, Brickfest - Part time Cowboys 4-6 ; Belairs 7 - 9 pm. Need someone from 1-3 PM.
Sept 5th need to book ? Melissa trying to get Johnny Cash
Oct 23 - Fun Day possibly at Legion again.
Dec 18 Santa Day
Question came up for Long Road Home and Part Time Cowboys. Aaron to check with Long Road Home band for the schedule date. Pat seems to think she got the two bands mixed up.

Michelle motions to add Aaron to bank account, Ron 2nds. All in favor motion passed.

Pat still needs checks signed to pay parks bills. Beth to meet Melissa at store to sign checks since Pat going out of town.

No movies have been scheduled. Melissa said we can revisit in December meeting.

Nothing else to discuss.

7:15 PM Aaron motions to adjourn 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.

Patricia Betts