June 7th 2018



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Present: Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Beth Thompson, Jeffery Miller- Solicitor,
Mayor Tom Pickup, Council President Aaron Bouch
Absent – no one
Gen Public - Dan Short Jr, Ligonier Echo Representative- Alexander Ashcroft, Melissa Miller, Amy Lichtenfelt, Paul Bair, Greg Hughes, Officer Salley, and Officer Chilcote

Meeting called to order 7PM by Aaron Bouch
Approval of May minutes was presented. Motion was made to approve May minutes with correction of Dick Galbraith spelling of name made by Clark, 2nd by Ron. All agree, motion carried.
Treasurer Report- Motion to approve made by Clark 2nd by Beth . All agree motion carried.

Police Report for May was given by Officer Salley.
Total Incidents 8
Total Arrests 0
Total Accidents 0
Total Parking Tickets 4
Total Non-Traffic Citations 0
Total Traffic Citations 4
Total Written Warnings 6
Total Traffic Stops 7
St Clair TWP. 0
Seward Boro 0
Fire Dept 0
Ligonier TWP 0
Ligonier Boro 0
Sheriff Dept 0
Beginning 14023 Ending 14361 Total 338
Fuel 45.4 gallons Hours 72

Ron wanted to Thank the Police Dept for their job at the incident with the Legion from the night before. They were able to keep the peace. Aaron questioned the carryover of hours from the report. Officer Salley explained the difference with the hours.
Motion to approve police report was given by Ron, 2nd by Beth. All agree motion carried.

Officer Salley also stated it would cost approximately $100 for part for cruiser to fix the rear lights. Emergency lights running is the cause for shorting out. We will not be charged for labor just the parts. Motion was made by Ron to get part for $100, 2nd by Beth. All agree motion carried.

Solicitor Report: Jeffery stated that MJ Construction did not appeal the Judge's ruling so a check was sent out to pay for lawsuit. Awaiting court documents for closing of suit.

Public Comment: Paul Bair has question for police. Mr. Bair is concerned about a vehicle being tagged on his property. He wanted to know why he got a ticket and someone else he see's from his property was not tagged. Officer Salley stated the three vehicles that were tagged were the ones reported to him. Mr. Bair was under the assumption that he was sited because he held a fund raiser at his establishment for a cop killer. Officer Salley stated he has no idea who he is and only tagged his vehicle because it was reported to him to do so. The police do not go out purposefully to look for vehicles that are in violation. Mr. Bair said he had to sell his business because of the fund raiser held at his location. Mr. Bair just thinks he was being singled out. It was known by Council that he was not. Mr. Bair said his plates and inspection were expired so he did move it off the street.

No one else in public had a comment to discuss.

Ron called for executive meeting (personnel matter). Time 7:20 PM.

Executive meeting returned 7:30 PM

Motion was made by Aaron to hire Chad O"Shell at $9.00 per hour pending drug, alcohol, physical, and driving record reports. Will be hired on call basis as needed. No limited hours. Motion 2nd by Clark. All in favor, motion carried.

Aaron motioned to get a worker through PIC Program from Indiana County for 6 weeks. Person will be supervised through Greg. 2nd by Sue, all in favor, motion carried.

Update on Boat Dock Grant. Everyone received notice of the approval for 2nd grant. Pat stated if everyone agrees then Pat will accept electronically so the funds can be released to us. Sue wanted to know if and when we get restrooms there, will we have a monthly bill for sewage and water and also tap fees?  Pat said she was going to ask Highridge to waiver the tap fees and if not then we will add the fees with grant request when we do the restrooms.
Sue also wanted to know if we could do the project without restroom facilities. Pat stated we can continue and use port-a-johns. The foundation is just asking for a progression report at the end of their year time frame, not that the project has to be completed by then. Aaron motioned to have Pat sign and continue with grant process, Clark 2nd, all in favor, motion passed.

Update on gas company street repairs. Ron said everything was worked out until a lady from gas company called and said the gas company has a policy that if a street is over 5 years old then they no longer do curb to curb. Ron said he talked to both the asphalt company and the gas company contact for permit and everyone is in agreement that because of the way Peoples Gas dug the streets up they are required to fix roads. They have a copy of the Ordinance on road repairs and reconstruction and they also went against their original permit documents. They were supposed to go along the side of the street instead they zigged- zagged all over the street and down the middle, and with their heavy equipment tore the streets all apart. Now they do not want to fix because of the age of our streets. Council has decided to have Jeffery send a letter. They also have not completed restoring people's yards they dug up. Clark motioned to have Jeffery send a letter, 2nd by Aaron to have the roads restored to council satisfaction and also to meet federal highway regulations. Motion carried.

Update on the garage. Sue spoke to Keith and he said we still have the funds for garage, just awaiting court documents to show lawsuit is done and USDA will send us the papers for garage again. Sue also informed Keith that we were just going to get the rest of funding through USDA and not through anyone else.

Sue brought up the approval for tax collector bank fees for 3 months. July is coming up so council needs to look further into this.

Next meeting will be July 5th at 7 PM

Clean Up Days - Sue talked to McInchok Sanitation on hopper. She had him put on hold until meeting so council will approve or not. Motion was made to get hopper by Sue, Aaron 2nd. Price was $450.

Next Item: Nonna's Place is requesting street closure between 4th and 5th Street on Washington on June 16th from 4 PM to 11 PM for a concert. Clark motion to ok, Aaron 2nd. Permission granted as long as she gets permission  from surrounding neighbors.
Pat also said she has not received Nonna's amusement license fee yet for 2018. Jeffery wanted to know how much it was. He paid the $20 fee for two machines since he owns the cafe.

Next item: National night out correspondence on August 7th. Does Bolivar want to register for this program? No fee is involved. Discussion was made and it was decided to complete the form, and town could turn on house lights and have some people walking around town. This is a Tuesday night event. Aaron motions for Pat to complete papers, Ron 2nd, all in favor motion carried.

Sewage Report – Nothing.

Mayor Report – Nothing really. Mayor is looking into a possible recycling program to make income for the town. Concerns are litter. Keeping lids on bins or cans can stop that. He needs to keep checking further into program.

Street Commissioner Report. 42.1 gallons on zero turn, 20.7 gallon gas in truck and 6.3 in lawn mower. May 21st, gas pump went out. Seems cranky, had to use hand pump for 4 days. It seems to be working again now. Greg could not get gas out of pump. Aaron wanted to know if there is a dead short in the pump. If so then we have a problem. Possible looking into getting servicing. Need someone qualified to do so. Ron stated his son is qualified since he works on them with the company he works for. Weedeater was repaired and hedge clippers had to be repaired. Zero turn had to have new wheels and blades and belt put on it. Nathan helped Greg fix zero turn. It works great now. Inventory was done and was found that the brush eater is missing. It was purchased for the kudzu cutting at the lower park.
Dyke, problem. Bill Hughes and Ron went down to do an estimate to fix it. Cost to install an 8 " sch. 40 pipe by 60 feet. Install back flow valve on outlet. Cover pipe with 2A stone. Back fill and seed disturbed areas. Total cost $2,226.00. Sue asked if we need releases from property owners back there. Ron said the Borough owns the property at the dyke. Discussion was made and decided that a new right-a-way should be done because of the low lying spot that was picked. Jeffery recommends we contact an engineer to ensure it will work. Suggest, Eads, CNE, or McCormick Taylor. At a minimum, get right-of-way agreement from Galbraith.

Grass Ordinance issue. Do we need this updated? Discussion made on whether Greg  should continue cutting certain properties or just let the grass grow so a citation can be issued by police. When owner is taken to court and properly fined maybe the owner will start cutting their grass.

Sue wanted to know if everyone on council will go out and re-clean SR259 before the carnival parade possibly around the 30th of June. Sue wants to know if we could get enough people to do this. Sue called the state, they came out pushed the stuff into curbs but never came back to pick it up.

Parks & Recreation Report: Beth said band coming in July 8th 5 to 7 PM. Corn hole contest at Legion on June 9th at 1 PM.

No other business: Aaron motions to adjourn Sue 2nd. All in favor. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 8:35 PM.


Patricia Betts