July 29

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting called to order by Aaron Bouch 7 PM

Attendance, Pat and Ron Betts, Michelle and Aaron Bouch, Melissa Miller, Brittany Miller
Absent none

Minutes report.
Motion made to approve May minutes made by Melissa, 2nd by Michelle, all in favor motion carried.

Treasurer report
Motion to approved treasurer report for May & June made by Melissa, 2nd by Michelle, all in favor motion passed

Old Business:
Update on ticket sales from joint venture with Legion.
Legion gave us the whole profit of $1,920.00 Pat placed in project fund.

Update on electric for upper playground area.
Pat explained that if Penelec were to tap into the street light account then they would have to install the pole, light fixture which would be the serpentine light and we would not be able to add any electric plugs or anything to it. If we got the pole and had the electric put in ourselves then they could tap electric from another pole that does not have a street light attached to it. The nearest pole is the one across street from Ben West house. Penelec would only have to go over the road. The problem with the pole we were originally were getting from the Legion is the pole was cut off at the ground which already made it six feet shorter and the pole was cracked mid way up. Beaufort's has a pole guy out of Laughlintown they use and can get us the pole, the led acorn light and the electric plugs for $3500 installed. We can also have the power locked and control when electric is on and off. We currently have $3500 already in the project fund set aside for electric upgrades already. Melissa made motion to have Beaufort's to spend the $3500 to install lighting at upper park, 2nd by Michelle, all in favor motion carried. Contract was signed and Pat to contact Beaufort's in the morning.

Update on both the concert for June and July movie night.

Concert in June we made $223.00 for food and $135.83 in donations.

In July movie night we made $64.00 in food sales and $51.00 in donations.

Update on corn hole (who will run event)

Aaron talked to Reuben several times and if he cannot do it he has someone in mind that will do it. Pat said she got the wrist bands for 21 and over for beer tent.
Jess was going to do the beer tent but she probably won't be able to do that this time because of her still in hospital.

New business
Next meeting is Sept 17th 7 PM

Port-a-John issues
Archie has an issue with port-a-john at upper park. Discussion was made on the concerns from Archie Dodson and Sue Bartow. They are both calling around to everyone they can think off to go over to the port-a-john and have the people removed rather than do it themselves. They want the port-a-johns locked. Archie said it is the councils responsibility to handle. Melissa had to lock the store and walked up and both Sue and Archie were just standing there and not doing nothing about it. Arch also called Aaron and he told him if he was that concerned to go over and put a lock on the door and when he come home in about four hours he will go down and check on them. Sue was pleading with Melissa to go over. Melissa informed Sue if so was so concerned about it then go over. No she does not want to get involved. They were informed to call the police then, and neither one wanted to get involved. Further discussion was made on the subject and the decision was made to contact Welshon's to see if they could lock the port-a-johns. IF we lock them up then people who use the parks will not be able to use the port-a-johns when needed. Parents with little kids will no longer be able to use them. We are stuck in a catch 22. Do we lock them or not. It is a public park and they should not have to be locked.  After further discussion parks council decided to lock the port-a-johns if Welshon's has no problem with it.

Bouncy house and dunking booth for Brickfest.
Aaron said Brian has not been answering his text messages. He not sure where or who to contact to get any. Brian said he has the dunking booth but he cannot get the bouncy houses out they are buried. B & J Entertainment in Indiana is still in business. Pat to contact them in the morning.

Pick up Beer trailer for Brickfest.

Aaron seem to already know about it since John from Legion informed him already. Pat said she was going to ask this evening if he would get the beer trailer again. Pam made the arrangements already for us. We paid $25 in 2019 for the rent of trailer for the weekend. Michelle said she will sell the strip tickets at beer tent.

Food items for Brickfest.
We are doing haluski 2 roasters $3 bowl
Ham Barbeque $3.00
Corn on the Cob $1.00
Small and large nachos and cheese
after 5 PM hot sausage
pot stickers to be made by Kathy West 3 for $5. We pay for the ingredients.
Germany Methodist Church is doing hot dogs
chili dogs
funnel cakes
and various bake goods
walking tacos
Snow cones - vendor
Kona Ice vendor
New York style and Chicago style Hot Dogs- vendor

Aaron also has confirmed we have DJ for Legion beer tent. payment $150 and set up tip jar

Park bench repairs - cost of 1 set of concrete slabs is $60 need 5 sets (concrete crumbling)
need 7 - 6 ft boards and 1 - 8 foot board (boards bowed)
Benches needing repairs
Ed Speidel 1 board
Roma Altimus 1 board
Joann Hall 1 board

McClellan bench 3 boards
Margaret Wynn 1 board.

Concrete sides needing replaced.
Bill Clawson 1 side
Jack Treasurer 2 sides
Jot Burkett 2 sides
3 others top of slabs are crumbling.
Melissa motion to get items and fix 2nd by Brittney, all in favor motion passed.
We also should look into sending out letters to everyone and asking for donation for general maintenance repairs and upkeep of benches. This was never thought of from prior parks but needs to be addressed. Send out letters in January. Melissa said she will get Jeffery to do up a nice letter for everyone.

Set up and take down Brickfest time
Most of all areas that needed relief have been covered by volunteers. This will be the first time we will have lots of volunteers. We still need someone to do the basket party table and need car show workers.
Friday night set up time is 6 to 8 PM
Saturday morning start time will be 6:30 AM vendors coming 7:30 AM

Getting to the baskets.

Melissa suggested It now becomes silent. We pull tickets and put numbers on a board. We then hand out the baskets to the winners. Myers said he will handle the board and pulling of tickets.

Bricktoss this year.
Prizes for the kids up to 21. They can choose from 2 boxes of items. Lane to help Gary with Bricktoss.

No other business.

Ron motion to adjourn 2nd by Melissa. all in favor motion passed. 8 :15 PM

Patricia Betts
Patricia Betts