Regular Meeting

December 1, 2016

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Ron Betts, Clark Baird

Absent: Tom Pickup, Mayor, Mark Scribe

Public Attendance: Dan Short JR, John Kovak, Joe Hood, New Free Lance Reporter for Ligonier Echo- Alexander Ashcroft & wife Jessica

Meeting called to order 7 PM by Amy Lichenfelt. Pledge of Allegiance was done.

Nov 3 Regular Meeting minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve was done by Ron, 2nd by Sue. All approved.

Treasurer report was reviewed. Motion to approve Treasurer Report was Clark, Ron 2nd motion. All approved.

2017 Budget. Corrections were made as requested. Reviewed and motion to approved was Ron, Sue 2nd. All approved.

Solicitor Report - will address later.

Public comment: Joe Hood requested roll-off to be place on street in front of his property on street at 732 Lincoln Street.

John Kovak said he spoke to state and asked who has the responsibility for the streets, curbs and sidewalks along RT 259. He said they told him state owns the streets, curbs and sidewalks are property owner’s responsibility. He wanted that clarified.

His next question is - Third Street is the only street that is a one-way and not next to a business.

The fire department is no longer there anymore and he wants to know what it takes to remove the one-way sign from that one block area. When the Legion has events it makes it very difficult for the customers. The solicitor said it takes an Ordinance to change the signs back to two-way. Council has no problem with changing, and also asked about changing the one-way by Sue's. Council all agreed. Sue made motion for Solicitor the draw up Ordinance, 2nd by Ron. All approved.

Dan Short, Jr wants to know if we are getting a police officer. If not then council needs to get rid of police cruiser. Amy responded that the issue was on the agenda for this evening. 

Road Grant is next on agenda. Project is complete according to Jeffery. Everything we need to do is now done.

EIP program, Sue. She has met with Mr. Dougherty. He has been trying to have a meeting with the Mayor and has not be able to get with him yet.

Amy asked if there are any upcoming grants. Sue said we have nothing open right now.

Lien Fees, next on agenda. Resolution 2016-9. Attorney fees on delinquent fees and filings. The rates have been raised from $80.00 to $100.00. Sue motioned to accept Resolution and 2nd by Ron. Everyone approved.

Ordinance #2016-1 on Local Service Tax - was raised from $10. Per year to $52.00 per year per person. Sue explained to general public that our municipality was the only one in entire area not collecting $52.00. Sue motioned to accept, 2nd by Clark. All approved. Jeffrey commented the Mayor has 7 days to approve or deny. Pat commented the Mayor already signed approval on the Ordinance. Jeffery stated he needed a copy to file with Law Library, and one goes to Berkheimer Taxing Agency as they collect the Local Svc Tax for the borough, as well as one going to the County.

Code enforcement officer next on agenda. No one still has not applied for this position. It has been posted for 2 months now. Council decided to table.

Street Commissioner Position has also been posted for 2 months. No one has applied for it also. Mr. Hood was asking what the Street commissioner does. Sue and Jeffery tried to explain the position and duties. Council wants back on agenda again for next month.

Next Borough meeting is January 2, following the re-organization meeting.

General obligation bond - next on agenda. Sue explained the bond requirement for the storage garage. The advertizing for the garage will be done January 2nd and accepting bids until February. Sue talked with Keith Layman. Jeffery is to file one before the end of the year. Jeffery to talk to Keith on this.

Pat said 2 cd's are up for renewal by end of December. It was suggested to get the rates for the next meeting and then council will decide what to do since we have only a 10 day window to make a decision. Jeffery wanted to know if any of the CD's are part of Liquid Fuels. Pat stated that none of the CD's are part of Liquid Fuels.

Update on police officer or regional police. Amy wanted to know if the council wants to proceed on looking into regional police. Clark said we should also advertise for an officer. Is Bolivar open to discussion and keep talking about it. Clark said yes, Ron said yes, Sue said yes. New Florence wanted to know what Bolivar wants in a Police Officer and then they can let us know what the fee would be. Clark wanted Jeffery to check into St Clair Township's contract with New Florence. Ron also suggested to contact George Dougherty with the EIP program to have him also check into this. Clark still made a motion to advertise for an officer and Ron 2nd. Jeffery wanted to know if we have an officer in the budget. Amy stated yes we do. Amy brought up the subject of fundraisers for the police department. According to the Mayor, New Florence does fund raisers to build funds for police department. Amy said to check on one of the old ads and put in paper. Amy said for Ron to call George Dougherty on the police department issue.

Letter for Fire Department on Workers Comp. Pat said nothing has come back on it.

Approval of Sunshine dates for 2017. Ron made motion to accept, Sue 2nd. Pat to advertise in paper also.

Flood Plain Annual Report. The Mayor normally completes. The past year was completed by another council person and the Mayor was not happy about it. Jeffery said that this form was an obligation of the borough not the mayor. Therefore Pat can complete and send.

The tool account funds was requested to be put back into the general account and do away with the sub account. This item was discussed while the council worked on the budget. Sue motions to transfer the tool account funds back into the general account. Clark 2nds. All approved.

Waste Management - next item. Sue said she was approached at Lamantia's store by the driver and was told that he was aware of the letter that was sent. They will no longer put the large truck on Walnut Street. They only have 1 person up there and they will walk up and collect the trash if need be.

Update on insurance request for drivers and copies of driver records for 2017 renewal year. Pat has everyone needed on the borough side. The insurance company said they still haven't received any driver information from the fire department. All drivers on the policy must be checked. Amy asked Dan Short when the fire department has their meetings. Dan and Jeffery said you have to be put on the agenda in order to talk.

Decorations for Christmas. Pat is requesting some funds to purchase a tree after the after the Christmas clearance sale. The current tree is on loan. Sue motioned for $50.00 for Pat to spend on a tree and whatever decorations she can buy after Christmas. Clark 2nd. All approved.

Letters- Emergency response letter came with a CD. Art completed last year. Amy to give to BJ Brett to complete.

Any other new business. 

Jeffery, said to contact last year's auditor to see what his rates are before the next meeting so he can be appointed for the organizational meeting.

Sewage committee - nothing

Street commissioner meeting - Sue skid-steer fixed and running. Now there is a plunger thing not working, Ron Houck and Charlie to work on this upcoming weekend. Also the lights on the plow not working. Needs to be fixed.

Mayor Report - nothing

Parks and Rec report - Santa coming to Burkey Park Dec 11th. Sue said from 2-4 pm she believes. Dan not sure. Pat said all the upcoming events for December is posted on our web site. Legion has several items coming.

Web site: is www.BolivarBorough.com

Nothing else to report.

7:40 PM. Meeting adjourned.


Patricia Betts

Patricia Betts