Designation of 4th

Street as One Way


Whereas, the Borough of Bolivar desires to designate Fourth Street starting from Washington to Market Street in the Borough of Bolivar in the County of Westmoreland as a "One Way Street".

Whereas, Signs will be required at the entrance of Street and that intersect therewith.

Now be it resolved, that Fourth Avenue, starting from Washington Street, westerly direction shall be and is hereby designated as a "One Way Street" and all traffic moving thereon shall move in a westerly direction to Market Street, after proper signs have been erected, and

Be it further resolved, That all signs which will be required in accordance with the provisions of the vehicle code and the manual of regulations for official Traffic Signs and Signals.

I, Erma McCartney, Secretary of the Bolivar Borough do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of the Resolution duly adopted in accordance with Law at a meeting held November 1, 1965.

P.J. Conover



Erma M. McCartney


Approved this 1st day of November 1, 1965

Frank B Gibson



Erma McCartney

Secretary ‚Äč