Brick Fest

Meeting #4

July 24

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Present: Melissa Miller, Pat Betts, Ron Betts, Ben West, Beth Thompson
Absent- Pam and Joe St Clair, Aaron Bouch
Public Attendance, none

Pat discussed the minutes from before when it was brought up about the Fire Dept. doing a demonstration at the park. Questioned whether we are still doing and if so where are we placing their vehicle for demo. Do we want them on the street or in the lower park area? Ben stated they do it yearly by Arch Dodson’s property. Let’s just leave them there and get a confirmation on it.

Pat also drew up a plan of where we possibly will place everyone and wants everyone’s opinion on it so she can make up a more permanent map. All agreed to the map location.

The pie judging tent location was discussed and time frame for pies to be brought in. Decided to bring in no later than 1:45 and judging at 2 PM. Small bouncy house location is in food area close picnic tables away from larger event areas. Judges for pie contest. Boone said he would be a judge. Pat suggested Jim Gregorich. She to contact him. It was suggested to ask John Speidel also.

Pat asked Sondra Boring about their group of ladies to make pies and possible performance during the afternoon. They play musical instruments. It was also suggested to place the entry participants on a place card and type of pie entered upside down so Judges don’t know who it is. It was also suggested to vote on appearance by people. Check with entrants to see if ok to sell to people after judging.
Basket drawing table to be close by consession stand.  We to keep 1 row of tables under pavilion and rest located in different areas around food under the trees. Pat stated she has 9 actual baskets at the house now and has 6 more promised. Ben stated his wife is making one but did not want to make a duplicate. Pat said she has a variety of baskets. None are duplicated. Everyone agreed if we have 15 baskets then it is considered a success. We also need to have a donation box for the basket raffle. Ben suggested to set up basket tent as a u. All donations go to Parks and Rec.

Pat asked about the one picnic table that needs painted or redone. It was decided to hold off until after Brick-fest. Let’s put a table cover over it from the Dollar store. Melissa said she will get one.

The movie event – Pat had brought up the contract. It stated the first time has to be paid in advance and give 10 days or more to get set up. Also they do invoices by PayPal. Both Melissa and Beth have PayPal accounts and suggested we could use either one.
Melissa said she has a football meeting and will find out if we are doing the tug of war with the football teams. Pat suggested we can still have a tug of war and have teams between the girls and boys.
Small bouncy house – age group 0 – 5 years.
Cheerleading tent – Beth in charge
Update on IRMC booth – have not heard back from them
Main table area – put beside of concession stand.
Definite time for DJ – 12 to 4 PM
Finalize food – and pricing
Hot dogs - $1.50 with sloppy joe $2.00
Nachos & cheese $2.00
Chips $0.50
Small crock sauerkraut with HD - $2.00
Huluski $2.00 need 2 roasters
Sloppy joes. $2.00
Soda $0.50
Water $1.00
Push pops $0.50
Hug Jugs $0.50
Also purchase cans of ice tea or lemonade
Decision was made to not do pizza this time.
We will do popcorn for movie.

Ben stated his daughter is volunteering to help out, please just not with kids. Melissa said Gladine and Monica will also help wherever and also Jeffery. Beth volunteered Matt.
Check with Gwen and Jess also.
Time to set up Friday evening 6:30 PM to meet at Park
Saturday morning 6:30 AM to meet vendors and start food.

Peoples in charge of events:
Tug of war 9 AM – Melissa to find someone else
Dunking booth noon - 5 pm Beth, Teresa, Tom, Clark, Abby, Logan

3 tries for $1.00
Brick-toss 10 AM Gary Baird and Lane Gamble
Corn hole contest 1 pm – Beth and Billy?
Sack Races 11:30 AM - Melissa will find someone
Pie judging event 2 pm - Boone, Jim Gregorich, John Speidel 
Balloon toss noon- Pam
Water-melon seed spitting 3 pm- Pam
Hula-hoop contest 3:30- Pam
Basket drawing 4 pm All of us
Concert 5-7 pm
Movie starting at dusk
Craft vendors 9-5 pm
Various food & drink all day
Face painting all day Cheerleaders
Bouncy houses all day – need someone to sit and regulate.
Ben wanted to know if his wife could make pot stickers for the Brick-fest. She brought up the subject and said she would like to do it. Everyone agreed for her to do this.
Pat stated, the fireworks suggestion is a no go. Parks and Rec cannot pay for fireworks and have a set time to set them off. We would need the liability insurance. So therefore, we are not doing it.

Next Brick-fest meeting to be held Wednesday August 8, 7 PM.

Meeting adjourned 8:00

Patricia Betts