March 1 2018



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Beth Thompson, Jeffery Miller- Solicitor, Mayor Tom Pickup, Council President Aaron Bouch

Absent - Brinton Scribe, Street Commissioner

Gen Public - Dan Short Jr, Ligonier Echo Representative- Alexander Ashcroft, Michele Bouch Kathie Bernabo, Amy Lichtenfelt, Officer Salley, and Officer Chilcote, New Florence Mayor Neva Gindlesperger, Renee Foust, Alex Blox, Jennifer Doty, Greg Hughes, Monica Pickup

Meeting called to order 7PM by Aaron Bouch

Aaron questioned if anyone had read the minutes from February. Sue stated she only had a correction concerning the police car hitting the drain. It should state it was on RT 259 near John Kovac's and not Lear Street.

Approval of February Regular Meeting Minutes were made by Aaron, Ron 2nd. Motion carried. All approved.

Approval of February Treasurer report was made by Clark. Beth 2nd. Motion carried. All approved.

Solicitor Report: Jeffery stated the Arbitration Hearing scheduled for end of March has been continued probably two months later now.

Public Comment: Jennifer Doty, Alex Blox and Renee Foust wanted to know if we were renewing the police contract.

Jennifer Doty stated they are killing business in the Legion. They sit by the Medical Center and Lamantia‚Äôs.  They follow customers through the arches to Robinson, following up over graveyard hill rd. They are afraid of being followed so people are not coming to the Legion. She not sure why the police are even here. Aaron spoke up and stated there is crime going on in town and it has declined since the police are now here.

Mayor stated drugs were being done at the street corners in town. Jeffery spoke up and stated just let the public say what they want and take interest in what they say.

Renee Foust spoke up and said she has seen the police pull over people for having a head light out. They are turning the stopping into a tax revenue. The people will fix the problem in due time. They don't need to be stopped. State police are pulling people off on RT 22, we are a small community and don't need the police here to pull people over.

Kathie Bernabo spoke up and said about the drug dealers in town. She is for the police.

Unknown person spoke up about the tax notices coming out and wanted to know about the per capita tax change. Various rates throughout the years have varied and according to the Per Capita Ordinance the rate was increased to $10.00 Jeffery stated he pays $10 for himself and $10 for his wife. The gentleman in the audience, in his opinion the ordinance hasn't been used in years so we should go by the tax rate for that one year. He says he only pays $5.00

Amy has an issue to discuss. She has a dog barking problem. Amy wants to know what the Ordinance is on a constant barking dog. Officer Salley said she needs to notify 911 so they have a report and can be dispatched. Amy did not want to notify 911 for a barking dog.

No other comments from the audience.

Next item. Boat dock grant paperwork. Council needs to agree to sign so the funds can be released. We need to decide whether we are going to continue with the grant or not. Everyone agreed to go ahead. Aaron signed to have funds released to us. If we do not start the project before March of next year then we will return the $15,000. Sue wanted to know if we have to set aside $13,000 for the project that we don't have. Pat stated our portion can be done as man- hours. Arch Dodson, JR is also interested in joining us with the joint adventure. We also possibly may have West Wheatfield Township join us in this venture.

Aaron makes motion to sign contract, Beth 2nd. All in favor motion carries.

Next item, Police department renewal contract. Aaron stated he believes the police department is helping the community. Sue suggests we need to go over the contract to see if there are any revisions we would like to make. A special meeting date is to be set March 13 at 6 PM. This needs to be presented then and on March 20 at the New Florence meeting where they must vote on the contract as well.

Next Item: Right to Know e-mail received with information to get 911 calls for Police Dept calls for Bolivar. Sue questioned Jeffery on this and was told how to go about getting the information. Discussion was made with Mayor between other council people on this subject. Nothing resolved.

New Business:

Next meeting April 5, 7 PM

Audit was completed by CPA. Aaron was at the closeout meeting and given the results. Everything came back ok as it usually does.

Letter came in concerning West Nile Viris and when Westmoreland County will start the spray.

Next item. Boro worker quitting. Aaron said he learned of the quitting over facebook. Clark asked if we received a letter. Aaron said he was upset because he felt no-one was interested in how he was doing. Clark made motion to accept Mr. Rigby's verbal quitting on Facebook.  Aaron 2nd. Motion. All in favor motion carried. Clark also made motion to advertise for another Boro Worker in case Greg gets another job. Ron 2nd. All in favor. Motion carried.

Sue asked for executive session for personnel matters. 7:50 PM.

7:53 PM executive session came back, no decision was made.

Aaron said we are moving on to police report so police can get back to work.

New Florence Mayor suggested that Officer Salley read the report so if there are any question's they can be answered at that time.

Police Report was read by Officer Salley for February:


Total Incidents 2 PSP 0

Total Arrests 0 St Clair Twp 0

Total Accidents 0 Seward Boro 0

Total Parking Tickets 0 Fire Dept 0

Non-Traffic Citations 0 EMS 0

Written Warnings 5 Ligonier TWP 0

Traffic Stops 5 Sheriff Dept 0

Mileage - Beginning 13081 Ending 13314 Total 233

Fuel - 27.9 gallons

Hours 64

Officer Salley did speak up and to state to make sure you inform us so they can have a report on any incident and take action. Neva also said you always need to call 911 so they can log the incident in and have record for future. Westmoreland County does not have a non emergency number any longer so everything needs to go through 911 no matter how small the incident.

Sue asked about a training class that Officer Salley was attending at the Fire Department and had to leave early. She wanted to know if he was on Bolivar time or New Florence time. Someone was asking. Chad spoke up and stated he was on New Florence time and not Bolivar.

Street sweeper information brought up. Does council want to look into doing this again? Pat spoke up and said we are paying more for the Boro Worker to do the job than to pay for a street sweeper. Pat to get an estimate for next meeting.

Next item. Approval to pay for Council President to attend Dirt and Gravel Training Program. The hotel cost is government rate $129.00 plus 14 % in Allegany County for 1 night hotel accommodations. Council agreed to pay.

Next- FEMA requirement for all elected officials. Information on how to take courses required on line. Everyone given the e-mail on this.

Annual Fund drive for Fire Department - Clark spoke up and said we haven't done this in the past because we pay for their worker comp and insurance on vehicles.

Received a letter from Fire Dept for the annual carnival event and street closure. Ending with fireworks. Sue motion to approve closure of street, Clark 2nds all approved, Motion carried. Only thing Sue cannot approve the police dept yet.

Boro Association meeting on March 22 in Greensburg. No-one will attend.

Drain at 4th & Walnut and drain between Kovac's and St Clair's on Market Street. Ron said he cannot find the drain at Kovac's.

Sewage Report - meeting next week.

Clark spoke up on his concern with the gas company tearing up the streets to replace the gas lines. He hopes they are not just going to patch the streets because of how they are all dug up.

Ron said he got them to do 6 feet into the apron of each alley when they do the asphalt.

Mayor report. None at this time.

Street Commissioner Report: Commissioner not at the meeting. Pat stated she sent him an e-mail to let him know of the day and time.

Greg said he wants to keep the truck out of the Quonset hut because of the damage being done by the salt. Greg said the ground in the hut could be used on the alleys since it consists of anti-skid and salt. Then we could put a concrete slab in there.

Parks & Recreation Report: Beth said CPR Training was held February 10th had a good turn- out. Having a dance April 14 at Legion. In May we are having the petting zoo and trying to set up events throughout the day. Fire Dept is holding an Easter egg hunt on March 25.

No other business: Aaron motion to adjourn Ron 2nd. All in favor. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM.


Patricia Betts