This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Solicitor Jeff Miller.

Absent- Mayor, Tom Pickup and Council person, Mark Scribe.

Public Attendance - Ligonier Echo - Alexander Ashcroft, Carol Sisitki, and Dan Short, JR, Pam & Joe St Clair. (Matt Haight - police officer in attendance), Melissa Miller

Meeting called to order at 7 PM by Amy.

Note: Executive Session was held from 6:49 pm to 6:56 pm. Legal Matter.

April 6 Regular Meeting Minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve was made by Ron and 2nd by Clark. All approved.

Treasurer report was reviewed. Clark questioned if all businesses had paid their Amusement License Fees for 2017. Pat stated all businesses had paid prior to April except for Fire Department. She had to send a reminder to them. No other questions were asked for Treasurer Report. Sue motions to accept, Clark 2nd. All approved.

Solicitor Report - Jeffery stated will address items as we go through the Agenda.

Public comment. - Joe St Clair wanted to know why the 2-way street issue was dropped. Amy stated because of the legal fee requirement involved with the survey that needed to be done. Sue also stated Mr. Kovak had wished the matter to be dropped.

Pam St Clair brought her Welcome Packet's with her to make any changes that needed to be done. She and Pat to get together to update the packet.

Dan Short wanted to know why we are paying our taxes. The streets are dirty, drains are clogged, and no Borough worker is working. Amy stated that we are working on the problem. People are parking on sidewalks. He not aware whether the council is aware of this or not. Amy questioned who. Dan said Sue is one of them. Amy wanted to also know who else. Pam stated "that people park on the sidewalk at Lamantia's because they cannot park straight. "

Dan also said that he brought this up last fall about Mark riding his child without a helmet, and Sue also had her granddaughter on scooter without a helmet this past Friday. Sue stated her granddaughter has a helmet but doesn’t like to wear it. If he sees this again he will notify State Police.

Carol, nothing at this time.

Matt Haight, here on request from Clark.

Clark called an executive meeting at 7:05 PM. - Personnel matter. Returned from executive meeting at 7:08 PM.

Clark made motion to hire Matt Haight as police officer. All in favor no one answered, all opposed no one answered. Subject dropped at this time.

Next subject. Drain line flushing on Water Street and 5th street between McKinley & Lincoln St. Sue stated she spoke to Chief Speidal and at their next meeting on May 15 they will do the flushing of the lines see if they can get them opened.

Update on drain replacement by Fire Dept. Pat spoke to Bill Hughes who stated he would start the project this upcoming Monday weather permitting and would have it completed hopefully within one to two days.

Note: Clark got up and left council meeting without saying anything at 7:10 PM.

Ron requested to be reimbursed for the gas he had to put in truck to go around and pickup and take back the Amish folks who did the repair work on rain gutters. He put over 98 miles on vehicle. He had to go to each person's house to pick them up and take home. He has receipt. Sue made motion to pay, but then Amy stopped it by stating a vote cannot be made without a quorum, since Clark left and Mark not here. Receipt reimbursement was tabled to next month.

Update on parks and rec insurance issue. Carol stated "we are just continuing to fix up the existing equipment and not making a decision yet on what we are going to do." Carol asking if Parks Committee can put the mulch also on the lower ball park. Amy had no problem with that. Amy brought up the issue of port-a-johns, she wanted to know if parks was going to put one at the lower park this year. Carol said they were not planning on doing it because they had no more league games down there. Amy stated people were using the trees for both #1 and #2 business. She wanted to know the cost of the porta-johns. Carol stated $100 per month each and they usually did this for a three month period.

Sue asked if we could get a port-a-john from Memorial Day thru Labor Day.

Amy said to look into it.

Melissa, stated she was in contact with YMCA in Ligonier for a summer program for the kids. For 3 hours a day, 3 days a week for 6 weeks including 2 person staff cost at $8.00 per hour, would be $1360 to $1610.00 and snacks. This also includes any equipment they would need to purchase. Melissa said that we could charge a nominal fee and pre-register. We probably would not start until July after July 4, running until 2nd week in August. They would also give us their workers comps liability coverage. They would do crafts, games and supplies. Melissa will follow up. Council is very interested. Pat brought up the fact that she found a document while going through the old files. Bolivar had such a program in 2000 on this which was very successful. Pat also contacted the insurance company and it was stated since this type of event is provided by the YMCA in Ligonier it would be covered as long as we had their insurance coverage on.

Yard sale and clean up days and hopper. Pat said she has signs made up and prices same as last year. Sue notified McInchock to get the hopper.

Pat said she would have a sign- up sheet for council to complete for next month.

Amy got back to Matt Haight. Amy apologized to Matt for the way things were handled concerning his hiring as police officer. She and rest of council new nothing of this until last night. She said she would be afraid to put him on the streets by himself since he is fairly new to being an officer without a lot of experience on what to do in situations. She feels she owes him an explanation. It's nothing personal again you. Jeffery jumped in and said we do not have a chief or anyone to supervise him. We have not had an officer for several years and we cannot offer any supervisor for advice in any type of situation.

Update on police coverage- we are tabling it until next month. No figures have been filled in and no one to give us advice on this. Jeffery said nothing is binding yet. We had to determine hours, numbers of days per week, cost of worker's comp coverage and so forth. This is still negotiation period.

Amy said she would like Ron to take over negotiations with New Florence. He can get with Tom and New Florence and work out details.

New business: Next meeting will be Thursday June 1.

Municipal Election will be held May 16, and the Borough office will not be opened that day for regular business.

High grass issue. Sue said we have several locations that have high grass.   She also had asked Pam StClair to bring her welcome packet to the meeting and the information with Pat and update.

EIP (Early Intervention Program) Mr. Daugherty has sent an apology letter for not communicating lately. He would like to be involved with the negotiations with New Florence police.

Ron has additional new business. He has a 16 foot flag pole and would like to place out front of Borough building. Ron is donating pole to Borough since it was given to him by Ben West. Ron will cement in ground.

Any other new business.

Letter from CDBG asking whether we want to drop out of CDBG or continue with program. If we stay in then we must also participate in the HUD program for housing.

Sewage committee: Meeting upcoming May 10 6:30 PM.

Mayor report. Pat read to council.

Nothing much to report.

1. Complaints investigated from the Mayor.

I first heard of a complaint of trash blowing around from one of the residents on Lincoln St on Saturday April 15th around 10 PM. I can't be sure if this person was even a resident of Bolivar because I did not know him. I was told that three residents were complaining about this issue and I assured him that no one called me or asked to file a complaint. I heard it again on Easter Sunday from another resident, but this one only mentions two residents that were complaining. I said it would be looked into. I then sent our council President and a text about it and we discussed it in length that evening. I was also told that she already informed another council member and then the message was passed on to the alleged resident.

On Monday I was informed by our President that what I was saying was not true and that I was nothing but a liar along with a few other four letter adjectives that I will not mention in this report. I then asked to have the lawns mowed for the residents that we sent letters to last year. I was told to contact another council member, which I did. I was then spoke to inappropriately and which made me respond in an unprofessional manner. I was also accused of having the Borough worker weed-whack my house. I did not ask him to do it nor did I ever ask him to do anything on my property during working hours, I didn't even know he did it until a few days later.

On Tuesday, my first day home, I followed up with phone calls to the residents that were said to be complaining. I found 2 of the residents did in fact have a discussion about the issue but they did not want to file a complaint and I said thank you because the issue is not really serious and I did not want to move forward with it. I did apologize to the one resident for their name being brought up and that I was just doing my job.

To prove that I am not a liar, there is a green trash bag in the office with one lone cardboard box found at the alley intersection of 8th street. The name of the one resident is clearly marked on the box. This is one cardboard box and not worthy of wasting anyone's time but others decided to make it an issue so in my defense from being called a liar, I am making this public.

In other reports I have photographs of what could be ordinance violations and would like Jeff to review them and send the proper letters out.

1. Corner of 2nd and Water Street - construction material laying outside.

2. Resident at 2nd street between Shaffer and Water St. high grass and tires and other garbage which is blowing into another resident's yard.

3. Corner of 2nd and Shaffer Street garbage outside of house.

4. Corner of 3rd and Shaffer - high grass

5. Corner of 4th and Shaffer. A tree fell and could be dangerous.

6. Corner of 6th and Market- looks like a tire on the side of the shed and what could be construction material in the shape of a roof top laying on the ground.

7. Corner of 6th and Washington - dirt pile in the middle of the yard.

Also 6th & 7th Street on Washington St - a grey colored house has construction material outside.

8. Corner of 8th and Washington - needs filled in.

9. Red brick house on corner of 8th and Washington - has tires in back yard.

10. Lincoln Street one up from the corner of Graveyard road on the left hand side heading into town has high grass

11. White house on Lincoln St 2 down from the corner of 9th and 1 up from the corner of 8th vehicles that may be unsafe in the yard. This house is on the right hand side as you are headed into town...

12. Corner of 8th & Lincoln - high grass in a red brick house around the fence line.

13. Corner of 5th and Washington - truck parked on sidewalk

14. Corner of 4th and Washington - high grass

15. House behind it on 4th street - high grass

16. Corner of 4th and McKinley St - garbage and high grass

17. Corner of 5th and McKinley - high grass and empty property

Berkey Park needs to have trees cut.

Finally property between the arches has high grass.

There are photos of all these coming.

Amy said he ruined my Easter Sunday. She said she has over 300 texts on her cell phone. I told him to do his job and he said to do your job. We just go over and over on this. Jeffery said just tell us where the properties are and get me photos and let Pat know. Amy stepped in and said we can't put this on Pat since he needs to do this and we cannot keep putting this on her.

Any other business?

Street commissioner report.

Amy asked Pat if she could e-mail Charlie on what needs to be done so Borough worker can do it.

Sue said she did purchase another broom for worker and will wait until next month to get approval. 

Parks & Rec. They are afraid to use power saw to cut the trees down that fell during the storm, without having insurance. Amy suggested to get the borough worker to do it. Ron said he and his brother will do it.

Amy asked if there is anything else. Pam St. Clair asked if anyone wants to help with the update on the Welcome packet. Pat said she would help her do it. She wants to get it on CD or flash drive to make it easier to do updates.

Nothing else to discuss. Motion to adjourn made by Sue 2nd by Ron. All in favor. Time 8:25 PM.


Patricia Betts

Patricia Betts